Wednesday, August 22, 2007

UPLIFTING headlines from Drudge RETORT!

Again, linkypoo on righty sidey!

White House Manual: How to Shout Down Protesters

(From the "YOU DON'T SAY!" file! In the immortal words of Mike Malloy: "HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I HATE THESE PEOPLE LATELY?!"

Report: Pre-9/11 CIA Asleep at the Wheel

(Also from the "YOU DON'T SAY!" file! If you haven't already, PLEASE read former FL Senator/Govenor Bob Graham's OUTSTANDING book "INTELLIGENCE MATTERS" which outlines 12, YES 12, specific instances whereby THE 9/11 PLOT COULD HAVE BEEN UNRAVELED...but no, nothing to see here, move along...)

Bush Limits Child Insurance Plan

(From the "Love The Fetus, HATE the Child" file. You see, here's the deal, if BU$Hitler signed this, and it worked, which it WOULD WORK, then everyone will question "Gee, how come we can have universal health care coverage for kids...but uh, not for the REST OF US!?" And that is the LAST thing these goddamn cocksuckers want...especially when they're in bed getting cornholed by the INSURANCE AND PHRAMECUTIAL INDUSTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May they all ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!)

Texas Official: Talking About Rove Got Me Fired

(From the "Blame The Whistle-blower" file. Just sickening...)

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