Thursday, August 13, 2009

Headlines from Hell!

I'm surprised they let it get this far. You know how the automobile & oil industrial complexes are when it comes to ripping off every last penny they can.

Geico Pulls Ads from Glenn Beck

Now if only EVERY ad was pulled from EVERY KKKon show. But it wouldn't matter, the assholes who own them would still put their shit on the air and do it at a loss like oxyRU$Hitler used to.

Duh. They're called REPUBLICANS!

Man Arrested at Obama Event with Loaded Gun

Why isn't this asshole KKKon in GitMo?! Why do you Repukes HATE AMERICA?!

Dean: Death Panels Already Exist -- at Insurers

EXACTLY! Insurance companies are ALL scumbag cocksuckers.

Report: Lockerbie Bomber Will Be Freed

Maybe he'll hook up with Squeeky Frome?

Microsoft Word Sales Banned in U.S.

GOOD! How about ban ALL Microshit programs!

Cargo Ship Vanishes Off England

HUH!? How does a ship just VANISH?! And it didn't even go into the Bermuda Triangle!

End-of-Life Consultation was Repub's Idea

Can you say set up? Typical KKKon move.

Rove Tied to Firing of U.S. Attorney

DUH! Another person who should be locked up.

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