Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bubba Army ALERT!!!

Even if this has the effect of trying to stop an F-5 tornado with a fart, at least SOMEONE tried!
But when good radio is beyond fucking hard to find ANYWHERE anymore, this is worth a shot. If I didn't think so, why the fuck would I bother?!

PLEASE email Kevin Vargas Kevin.Vargas@coxradio.com PD of BTLS station 93.1 WHDR in Miami, and tell them to PLEASE keep Bubba on the air!!! Without the Bubba The Love Sponge show, Miami will TRULY have NOTHING, which is unbelievable especially with the huge void left by Neil Rogers retiring.

On a side note, HOW in the FUCK are those two crusty old fucks Old Ron and Older Paul, or whatever in the hell their names are, ON THE AIR ANYWHERE??? Goddamn, they make Bob & Tom look GREAT, and me just typing those last few words nearly puked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those on BubbaRaw.com don't forget the Calgary live streaming deal!!!


Live weekdays 6 AM ET to sometime after 10a ET:


Ft. Myers / Naples, FL: 96.1 FM WRXK 96KRock.com

Dayton, OH: 95.3 FM WZLR 953TheEagle.com

Jacksonville, FL: 104.5 FM WFYV Rock105I.com

Miami / Ft. Lauderdale / West Palm Beach, FL: 93.1 FM WHDR 93Rock.com

Orlando, FL: 96.5 FM WHTQ @965WHTQ
on twitter WHTQ.com

Tampa, FL: 120.5 WHPT @1205TheBone on twitter TheBoneOnline.com

USA / Canada: SIRIUS & XM: Howard 101 3-7p ET

If your area doesn't have a station with BTLS then get off your ass and call/email/write/fax all of your local dump's stations and tell them to get the fuck with it!!! Well, be a LITTLE nicer than THAT!

Monday, July 19, 2010

John Paul Jones & Jimmy Page Free DL!

Hey Led Zeppelin fanatics! Got something for you!

John Paul Jones "Scream For Help" soundtrack: http://j.mp/ciRRFI


(JP plays on "Speghetti Junction" & "Crack Back", and Jon Anderson sings "Silver Train" & "Christie".)


Jimmy Page "Deathwish 2" soundtrack: http://j.mp/btQgvN

Both are out of print, excepting Japanese imports, which will run you anywhere from $120 to $370! Therefore, since Atlantic Records seems to have forgot that Zep is one of the BEST SELLING MUSIC ACTS *EVER*, and they could EASILY sell TONS of these 2 great albums if they'd rerelease them on CD, fuck 'em and gank 'em for FREE!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yet another great blog by Thom Hartmann

BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up
BP's massive oil spill will officially become the largest ever in the Gulf of Mexico this week. The volcanic oil that's gushed for two and a half months will surpass the 140 million gallon mark, surpassing the record-setting Ixtoc I spill off Mexico's coast from 1979 to 1980. Meanwhile, In a stunning interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on June 29th, Allegiance Capitol Corporation V.P. Fred McCallister is claiming that BP is deliberately sinking oil with the toxic chemical dispersant Corexit, to hide the extent of the oil spill. By sinking the oil before it can be collected, BP won't have to pay fines on it. Additionally, a company affiliated with BP has been selling clip-on ultrasonic flow meters for use in waters up to 10,000 feet deep to accurately measure the amount of oil flowing through a pipe without having to insert itself into the pipe. In other words, all this time, BP could have been accurately measuring the amount of oil gushing out through their failed blowout preventer and instead they chose explicitly NOT to install the flowmeter and, rather than that, insert Corexit dispersant so that the oil won't make it to the surface where it can be measured but instead will stay below the surface where it will kill wildlife but be out of sight and out of mind. This is part of the reason why this dispersant is illegal in Europe. And should be here, too!