Friday, April 11, 2014

Been a long time since I rock & rolled...

...been a long time since I did that stroll.
Yeah yeah yeah, shut the fuck up! I know I know, it's been an elephant's age since I've posted here to all 3 or 4 of you who actually read this shit!!!
I was busy fighting crime as my alter-ego superhero, if you fine folks HAVE to know where I've been.
Now down to business here! Can y'all fucking believe Jebthro BU$Hitler is running for president!? After the 8 horrid years of his fratboy drunk fucktard brother, this stick-up-the-ass dildo is back like that bad penny you can't get rid of! Hey Jeb, even YOUR OWN MOTHER the Quaker Oats Man said it best "THIS COUNTRY DOESN'T WANT ANOTHER BUSH"!!! Listen to the old crow, and fuck OFF already. Or go back to your regular gig of advising this state's current governor pRick Scott on how to still be a crook but not *completely* fuck shit up like he is doing now.
There! Not a bad rant if I do say so. Happy Friday you fuckers! And fuck off Jeb. Seriously.