Saturday, November 23, 2013



20 YEARS!!!

Recycling shit from FB!

And well over 50% of the 50% 1% in CONgress are...Repukes!!!

One of the FEW GOOD Republicans, other than
Teddy and; Ike, &...that's about it!

Collect 'em all in every color!!! All products hand tested!!!

Meanwhile, murderers & rapists get out way sooner,
but ANYTHING is sooner than LIFE!

Mandela's captors SHOULD
 be the ones serving LIFE!!!

From FloirDUH, of course!!!

Can anybody ID this guy?!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gary Numan "HERE IN THE BLACK" live Oct. 31, 2013, Orlando.

This is a great video AND audio! Piss your asshole neighbors off with this!!! In other words, PLAY LOUD!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Gary Numan with Nine Inch Nails pix from HELLoween in Orlando!!!

The above 3 pix are NIN with Gary playing NIN's classic
originally from the 1994 masterpiece THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL!!! 

Only Gary Numan could make that song creepier!!!!!


The one below is NIN with Gary playing Gary's 

classic "We Take Mystery (To Bed)" from his 1982
I, ASSASSIN which featured the awesome
Pino Palladino (on the left in the pic below) on bass, who
just so happens to be NIN's bass player now!!! 

The 4 pix above are
 by awesome Jim Naiper
who runs the also awesome