Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great live version of "R.I.P."!!!

And don't forget to check out if you haven't already:

http:/ASF-13thMoon.Demon.CO.UK (Official site) (Official store)

NIN "The Becoming" live in WPB

Solid gold!!!

Check out Jane's Addiction New Year's Eve Show to Broadcast on SiriusXM Tonight

Hey Bubba Army!!!!

Anybody know what the new BTLS radio will be starting Jan. 5th?! It's SUPPOSED to be a TOP 15 MARKET! I'm guessing it's NOT like NYC, LA, Chicago, San Fran, etc.
My guess is it'll either be Miami or Atlanta.
Com'on, I know someone out there has the 411, so hulk up and drop some science!!!!


1580 AM WVKO!

Friday, December 30, 2011


POLL: ‘Progressive’ Is The Most Positively Viewed Political Label in America!!!!!


Cabaret Voltaire fans YO!

This is SUCH a fucking great song! "Cop Out" by Hope & Kirk!

Amps DO go to 11!

Whoever did the remaster of NIN's "Pretty Hate Machine" had the bloody amps to 11! I don't remember this album being FUCKING THIS LOUD!!!!! Not that I'm complaining... And I'll say it once again, FUCK Billboard's Top 200 until more Rock N Fucking Roll is in!

FUCK 2011!!!

This year couldn't talk to me, so, it's going to talk to my gun!!!! And a BA BA BOOEY to y'all!!!!! SHEMHAMFORASH!!!!

Piss off your neighbors with this!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Japanese engineers develop car seat that IDs you by your butt!!!

Overused words/phrases

Can we all agree that ACTUALLY fucking NEEDS to go down in 2011 History as THE MOST OVERUSED WORD OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! And the most overused phrase (and ACTUALLY as ACTUALLY annoying as SHIT, like actually!) of the year has GOT to be "IT IS WHAT IT IS"!!!!!!!!!! Well NO SHIT it is what it is!!!!!!! Thanks for ACTUALLY fucking telling me! I thought this was Bizarro World and it's something completely different!!!!!! ACTUALLY!!!!!! "Hey, this pile of dog crap, IT IS WHAT IT IS!" "Really? Well I thought insterad of it being a pile of crap, IT WAS A POT OF GOLD!!! Thanks for telling me!!!!"

Something to think about

10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny we have NO JOBS, NO HOPE AND NO CASH!!!!!!!!!!

This morning's FASCINATING weather report

43.3°F this morning!!!
Amazingly, today's high is supposed to be 65...FOR A NICE CHANGE.
Instead of 65 being the LOW, which is BULLSHIT. #FuckFlorida

Power Pig mmHELLo!

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Powered on PIG SHIT!!!

Keep it green. And keep it brown too!!!,0,5938580.story

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Y'all what the fuck?! 5 HITS on MY birthday?! Gee, thanks for putting me over, you dildos!!! Just kidding. NMH.

Bragat hee haw hee!!!

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Dear bloggr

This new version BLOWS. Go back to the old way, and UN-fuck it up. Thanks in advance. Signed, Every bloggr user.

Mike Malloy station list

And Mike is LIVE weekdays 9 PM - Midnight ET / 6 - 9 PM PT:

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For all y'all bible-thumpers out there who INSIST Jefferson was a rabid RWNJ:

Decode txts

SBBQ, y'all.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Support the Saving American Democracy Amendment


PLEASE SIGN & RT!!! #ConnectTheLeft #p2 #CTL

'Dismal' prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it" - the great philosopher George Carlin.

Let's hear it for 31 FAILURE YEARS OF TRICKLE DOWN BULLSHIT eCONomics!!! Just tragic.

P.S. FUCK YOU MICHELLE BACHMANN! I WANT "OBAMACARE"! I'd rather have SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, but I'll take what I CAN Congress does...

pRick Perry Collects EARLY RETIREMENT!!!

Hypocrite! SOCIALIST!!!,0,4293479.story

Complaints and grievances

Anybody else having problems with blogspot?! The new post thing is lacking like ALL of it's shit, other than the thing to insert an image and the button to check spelling. EVERYTHING ELSE IS WIPED OUT. WTF?!
Now, on to Twitter. What happened to the thingy telling you how many characters ya got left?! Oh nevermind, it shows up WHEN YOU'RE DOWN TO 20! Oh gee thanks.
Ok anybody else have another other shit to bitch about?! Especially when it comes to assholes who fuck with social media, which, we're going to see more and more of (ie the ruination of Myspace by Murdoch) cuz the LAST thing the 1% cunts want is up to ORGANIZE & COMMUNICATE.
Spammer commenters need to get shards of glass up the ass.

Hey SFN refugees, whatcha waiting for?!

Join my group already!


(P.S. What the FUCK is up with Bloggr? The posting options thing is ALL fucked up...)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So true, and sad how science is shit upon

Thinking cap time!!!

Think about it. WHY was FREE SPEECH, etc., included in the FIRST AMENDMENT? Take your time PLEASE...& FUCKING ABOVE ALL, THINK FOR YOURSELF!

David Gilmour "Blue Light"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In memorandum

Today, in 1980, THAT was the day the music died.
And NO apologies to Don McLean.

Bah fucking humbug!

I'm not posting anything new for today. The previous entry NEEDS more exposure, even if it's just ONE person. It sickens me how virtually EVERY liberal outlet focuses on every other Teabagger fuckwad governor like Scott Walker of Wisconsin and the jerkoff in Michigan while all but ignoring THE BIGGEST disaster AND *LEAST* popular piece of puke of all, Rick Scott.
SHAME on the assholes who voted for pRick Snott, and EXTRA shame with a cherry on top to the apathetic zombies of this state for not lifting a fucking finger to DO something, anything, to stop the insanity of this scumbag.
P.S. SIKE! And RIP John Lennon. Oh and kiss my ass talent hack.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh man, this is SPOT ON. And how VERY SAD...,0,3529729.column

Stephen Goldstein
November 13, 2011

Attention, all Florida "Occupiers": You want an agenda. Here's an agenda.

It's been snowing in Florida. We've had a blizzard of promises from Gov. Rick Scott about creating jobs, reducing unemployment, and jump-starting the economy, ever since the tea-party favorite ran for office — and in the year since he won.

During the campaign, if anyone asked him about Everglades restoration or education or Medicaid or anything else voters wanted to discuss, he had a stock answer, and I'm paraphrasing, "Jobs, jobs, jobs. I know how to create jobs. Judge me on the economy, on the hundreds of thousands of jobs I'll create. I'm from the private sector. Only the private-sector creates jobs, not government. Let's get to work."

Floridians, historically not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, fell for Scott's bravado, banking on his CEO skills to get us out of our economic doldrums.

The cornerstone of Scott's campaign was his 7-7-7 plan: He boasted that he would create 700,000 private-sector jobs in seven years through seven steps (like cutting state spending, eliminating government regulations, and enticing companies to Florida with taxpayer handouts). He said over and over that his jobs would be in addition to the 1 million jobs that economists then estimated would have been created as a result of normal growth — no matter who was governor.

But recently, the guv has apparently lost faith in his ability to deliver — so he's desperate. He "revised" his promise, saying jobs would grow by 700,000, hoping everyone would forget about the normal growth projection.

Then, after he got caught, he flip-flopped, saying he would create 700,000 jobs on top of normal growth, but questioning the prediction of 1 million new jobs. Recently, Scott told a radio station in Central Florida, "I could argue that I don't have to create any jobs. I just have to make sure we don't lose any jobs."

Well then, how embarrassing for the guv that Solantic, the company in which he had a multimillion-dollar investment until recently, is moving its executive team from Florida to Tennessee. (Scott sold his stake in Solantic after he was elected to avoid conflicts of interest, but only after a public outcry.)

The guv has been quoted as saying he was "disappointed" the company was moving, adding: "I believe that we've put ourselves in a position that this is the best state to build businesses. But some people, I guess, don't agree with me."

I guess — like at least some of his former employees and the people to whom he sold his business.

Another key element of Scott's 7-7-7 plan is also backfiring. The guv insists that, if he gives companies tax breaks and cash incentives, they'll create jobs. But Scott's newly created Department of Economic Opportunity has recently reported that, since 1995, Florida (mostly GOP) governors and legislators pledged $1.7 billion of taxpayer money in 1,521 company "stimulus" deals. They have produced few, if any, jobs, however. Thirty-three companies were awarded $24.5 million to create 5,696 jobs, but they actually lost 1,550 jobs, and yet they were still paid $10.8 million.

No matter. Even in the face of an undeniable, failed strategy, Scott himself has awarded $98.6 taxpayer millions to companies pledging to create more than 21,246 jobs — and he wants millions more to do the same.

You don't have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing: The hot air of Rick Scott's campaign promises has turned into a snow job that is having a chilling effect on the Florida economy and that will freeze us out of prosperity for the foreseeable future. He's burying us in an avalanche of flaky economics, out of which it will take us decades to dig.

Florida "Occupiers" need to camp out at the capitol and put the heat on the guv and state legislators, brandishing signs like "End Corporate Welfare," "Where Are the Jobs?" and "You're Fired, Gov. Scott!"

If they don't, sooner than later, a long line of Floridians may be following Solantic to Tennessee.

Follow Stephen L. Goldstein on Twitter at @DrSLGoldstein, or email him at

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great cartoon!!!


The latest from Carl Hiaasen

Only in Miami: Indicted, but on the payroll


More proof that Miami is the worst-run city in America:
Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur was paid more than $120,000 to stay home and do nothing for seven months this year.

She wasn’t sick. She wasn’t agoraphobic.

She was under federal indictment for mortgage fraud.

On paper, Miami has a policy stating that non-union employees who face criminal charges should be placed on unpaid leave, or reassigned to another job. Arthur wasn’t reassigned, and she kept getting paid.

Between her indictment in February and her conviction in September, Arthur’s only duties were to stay inside her house from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and phone the office twice a day. She also got a one-hour lunch break.

This is uproariously humorous, unless you’re a Miami taxpayer.

As expected, nobody in authority has offered a reasonable explanation of why Arthur got cozy treatment. However, plenty of reasonable questions are being asked, such as, “Why would they pay you to be at home when they could put you to work?”

That one came from Robert Suarez, the city’s fire union president.

In any other U.S. city, Arthur’s crime alone would have been the predominant aspect of the scandal. She acted as a “straw buyer” in an $11 million mortgage-fraud scam involving high-end condominiums in Aventura.

In exchange for about $317,000, the assistant fire chief allowed her name and credit ratings to be used to secure mortgages for the condos. She even claimed to be living in one of them when in fact she lived in Weston. The units later went into foreclosure, which surprised everyone but the scammers.

It was a sleazy end to an inspiring story line. Arthur, 45, had worked for the fire department since 1986. She was Miami’s first black female firefighter, and more than 10 years ago had been elevated to an administrative, non-union post.

At the time she was busted, Arthur was in charge of the fire department’s payroll and quality control. Again, the irony would be splendid if she hadn’t been getting a $184,000 salary, and wasn’t in line for a $167,000 pension from the city’s deferred retirement system.

But all that money wasn’t enough. Arthur got greedy.

City policy is to put criminally charged employees on unpaid leave. If they’re acquitted, they get reimbursed for back pay. As an alternative, the city manager may transfer them to another job until their court case is resolved.

The unusually generous decision to pay Arthur to stay home until the trial came from top city officials. On March 2, Miami’s then-chief financial officer, Larry Spring, emailed fire chief Maurice Kemp and directed him to put Arthur on paid leave.

It rankled many firefighters, who saw it as special treatment. The city has claimed that other non-union employees charged with serious crimes were kept on the payroll, but the records are proving mysteriously elusive. (Miami City Hall is a notorious black hole for important documents. The filing system was apparently devised by a pack of stoned dingbats).

How did Assistant Fire Chief Arthur pass the time during those seven months of enforced yet highly compensated relaxation? Chatting with her two defense lawyers, no doubt. Watching soap operas, perhaps, or knitting a turtleneck.

We know that she was given permission to take two vacations — one in North Carolina, and one in the Bahamas. We also know that, in addition to her salary and pension, she cashed in 125 hours of accumulated vacation time, worth another $11,000.

In a sane world, Arthur’s fertile relationship with Miami taxpayers would have ended definitively on Sept. 30, when a jury convicted her on three counts in the mortgage fraud case.

The good news: Arthur has been canned from the fire department. The bad news: She still wants that $167,000-plus city pension.

She’ll probably get it, too, unless the Miami Fire Fighters’ and Police Retirement Trust has its way. Trust officials say that employees convicted of felonies can forfeit a pension if the crime occurred on the job.

Arthur made the blunder of using city fax machines to send out letters and contracts while carrying out her role in the mortgage fraud. Prosecutors introduced the documents as evidence during the trial.

With any luck, some sane person at City Hall will agree that a lowlife scam artist who just happened to be assistant fire chief doesn’t deserve a big fat check for sitting in a jail cell.

That’s where Arthur is now, awaiting sentencing on Dec. 16. She faces up to 20 years in federal prison, with no vacation time.


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More Twitter recycling

Got my copy of "Curse" by Alien Sex Fiend today woot woot!!!

Be sure to go to & CTRL D / BOOKMARK:


Mike Feder

Just posted this to Twizitter, and being that I like to keep it clean and keep it GREEN, why not recycle?! :P

Mike Feder is great & should be on SiriusXM left 127 MORE!!! And check out his site

If I didn't oversleep (by MY schedule, which, is redundant! DUH! OF COURSE it's MY sleep schedule!!! Unless someone else is sleeping in my brain, as Nik Fiend would say!), I'd have posted sooner, since Mike is live every Saturday from 5 to 8 pm!!! But keep yer ears peeled, he pops up as a fill in host for like Alex Bennett (7 to 10am ET, and don't be afraid even if you're a Howard fanatic to listen to something else while HSS is on; thank GODS for whoever came up with the SIMPLE YET GENIUS idea to replay the show 24/7 on H100!!!!) or Mark Thompson (6 to 9pm ET)!

Bravo to JD!!!

jdharm To the Victoria's Secret model that did a sign of the cross before she walked down the runway: God gave u the looks, don't push it.

My reply: HEAR HEAR!!!

Cpt. Janks OWNS CNN yapping-head!!!!


Sick of mainstream garbage music? (Sorry to be redundant!) Look no further than...
And please remember to CTRL D / bookmark!!!

Mike Peters nails it AGAIN!

Like the new Twitter widimit deal?!

Thom Hartmann (replay) now on SiriusLeft 127! @Thom_Hartmann @SenatorSanders

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Solid gold:
Mike Malloy now on SiriusXM Left 127! @MikeMalloyShow
Time 4... @BTLSradio ( #FF !): Charleston, SC: 98.1; Ft. Myers: 96.1; Tampa: 102.5; ONLINE: #BubbaArmy!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still no mosquitoes. YAY for cold weather!!! And y'all who don't like it: it's called LAYER YOUR CLOTHING!!!!!

Best Black Friday cartoon!