Thursday, February 24, 2011

How about that Wisconsin, Ohio & Indiana!!!

Wouldja look at that!!! Americans growing spines and saying FUCK YOU! to the corporate fascists trying to return us to the "halcyon days" of serfdom!!!!

And isn't it GREAT to see how it's spread for Florida???? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Fucking ASSHATS in this state. Where else are people so FUCKED as they are in THIS fucking asshole state?!?!?! But no, we just love to be the kicked dogs that rolls over and comes back for more. We have arguably a WORSE, more nefarious piece of SHIT for a governor than WI's Scott Walker, but it doesn't matter that bald-headed dildo Skeletor pRick Snot err I mean Rick Scott has proven to be a solid shitpile, but still, no one in FloirDUH does fucking shit. We only have OURSELVES to blame...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Thanks to Howard Stern for pointing this fucking massive GLARING rip off (allegedly!) out!

Alright! If you like what I call EMO-COUNTRY, this *REALLY* probably PISS YOU OFF!!!!!!!! (Boo fucking hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, here we go! This
is the "original" by Alan Parsons Project "Eye In The Sky".

...and now here's a really nice "cover" version as done by...
Lady Antebellum in the form of "Need You Now"!!!!

Again, this is ALL ***ALLEGEDLY***!!!