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Boca Raton Man Says Product Can Clean Oil Spill or

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Man Says Oil Absorbing Product Is Safe, Turns To Dirt

POSTED: 4:33 pm EDT May 7, 2010

A Boca Raton man claims his oil absorbing product is exactly what's needed to clean up the Gulf oil spill.Frank Pajaujis said the powder, made of sugar cane fibers, repel water and absorb oil. Pajaujis said there's also a secret ingredient: microbes that actually eat the oil.Not only is his product safe for fish and water, Pajaujis said, but within 15 minutes, it begins turning into dirt."

Microbes are like multiple Pac Men chomping away at the oil, consuming the oil, and the byproduct is humic material, which is dirt," Pajaujis said.

Pajaujis said the compound is perfect for the Gulf oil spill because after the microbes eat the oil and turn it into dirt, it starts degrading within nine weeks. That means it could be used on fragile wetlands, so nobody would have to skim the product away after it absorbs the oil.

Pajaujis said he has sold the product to a gas company in Dubai, Eskimos and golf courses. Now, he is trying to get the attention of officials dealing with the Gulf oil spill."

We have already sent all the information to local government and BP on their website … and we're waiting," he said.

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George W. Bush opened the gates of hell....
While the Senate approved $60 Billion for more war, the House slashed $24 Billion for the unemployed Workers and state aid to those in trouble. The Afghanistan war is about to go beyond two milestones, with the American death toll surpassing 1,000 this week, and on June 7 it will break the record of the war in Vietnam to become America's longest-ever war. George W. Bush opened the gates of hell when he turned down the Taliban offer to arrest Osama Bin Laden and send him to a third nation for trial and instead began a bombing campaign that has killed thousands of Afghan civilians and alienated the entire world. He then made matters worse by attacking Iraq, a country that represented no threat to us whatsoever, and spent trillions of dollars that he borrowed from the Chinese to do it. President Obama has inherited a mess of epic proportions, and if he doesn't figure out a way to end these wars and convert our military intervention into building schools and hospitals, his most lasting legacy, like LBJ's, will be a disastrous and unnecessary war based on a lie. There's an effort in Congress now to do what Congress did in 1973 and defund the war, although the members of congress are trying to make it more difficult by attaching important amendments to the war funding.

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For those BORED & on Twitter

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Mike Peters cartoons fer ya

All from enjoy:


Yet another great Thom Hartmann blog

A Shocking Memo - BP and the Three Little Pigs
A shocking memo discovered by The Daily Beast shows that BP, in the Texas City explosion five years ago where 15 workers died and 170 were injured, put those workers who died into cheap portable trailers next door to highly explosive facilities purely to save money. This internal document, referring to its own analysis as The Three Little Pigs, shows how BP took deadly risks by choosing to save money by building cheaper housing for workers after comparing the cost of housing people in blast-resistant buildings versus the cheaper trailers. Did BP similarly cut corners in the Gulf explosion? Do they still consider their workers "little piggies" whose lives' are less valuable than corporate profits? Increasingly it is looking like BP is a criminal organized operation that has killed numerous human beings, and should itself be put to death - dissolved - and its top executives put in jail. Three executives from BP, Halliburton, and Transocean each blamed the other for the deaths of 11 men on the Deepwater Horizon in their testimony before congress, yet they all walked out of the room and off to their private jets to fly off to their private mansions - but if three people had robbed a gas station and 11 people had died because one of them accidentally exploded a gas pump, and each of the three blamed the other guy, do you really think three "average guy" criminals wouldn't be in prison right now? Our corporate limitations on liability need to be rewritten, and the entire idea that corporations are people but the people who run them are immune from criminal prosecution for the corporation's crimes needs to be blown up. Visit now to help amend the Constitution and end corporate personhood!
-- Once again, Thom Hartmann hits it right out of the park!
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Just the fucking NAME OF IT! The Three Little Pigs Memo!!! God what fucking ASSHOLES! #FuckBP

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yet another great Thom Hartmann blog

FreedomWorks & Beck: Everybody wins - except for our nation
Today on its Twitter page, FreedomWorks - the astroturf group run by Dick Armey, the former Republican leader and former lobbyist for the People's Mujahadeen of Iran, the natural gas industry, Dubai Group, Comcast, military contractors and weapons manufacturers, and numerous other corporate interests - announced that it was officially partnering with Glen Beck.
This is a brilliant business deal, which will create huge profits for both Freedomworks and Beck. Beck has the Fox platform, which has turned out most of the people for tea party events, and Freedomworks now has the database of all the tea partiers that they can hand off to Beck, who will then expose them to his advertisers. Everybody wins and makes money - except for our nation, which gets kneecapped since Beck and Dick Armey are open advocates for the interests of millionaires and billionaires and openly hostile to working people, unions, social security, medicare, and want to turn the commons over to the tender mercies of transnational corporations. Their money comes from Koch, Scaife, Bradley, Olin and other devoted funders of right wing infrastructure including Exxon Mobil.
Their goal is to take down Democratic or progressive candidates and now they'll have more money and power and a larger media platform
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GREAT cartoon re: immigration

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts in Coconut Creek!!!

Only FL show, Sat. May 15, 2010!!! Wow...really shows how happenin' this state is huh?!?!!? *CHIRP CHIRP*
But it sure as HELL was on like donkey kong when they took the stage!
Having never been to the Seminole Hard Rock before (on a side note, since I'm part Cherokee/Senaka/Shawnee I would like to open MY OWN Casino, thank you very much...) I didn't know what to this gonna be a joke of a venue or just what?! Not bad really at all!!!!! Just make sure ya go early, cuz unless you're lucky like *I* ALWAYS am along with the great psychic talents for finding parking courtesy of my fiend & partner in crime Ms. Diabla, then your ass is gonna be struck with the jabrone parking!!!!!
2 quick side notes:
1. Here's a tip for you casual fans, TURN YOUR GODDAMN CELL PHONE OFF!!!! Except to take pix, that's fine, but WTF?! You paid to go to a show, so tell whoever's calling you to FUCK OFF and leave a message!!!!!!!!!!
2.Also, if you're on your 19th beer, don't waste your time trying to high-five me...concentrate instead on BALANCE, COORDINATION and NOT LANDING FACE FIRST ON ASPHALT!!!
And perfect timing indeed, not a moment after we got in, THE SHOW STARTS!!!! Damn we're good!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see a few REAL fans there in the almost endless hords of zombie yuppies who I guess forgot to TIVO their favorite shitass reality show tonight!!!! Props to the REAL muthafukaz and y'all poseurs, thanks for spending your money on Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, a solid rock N roll machine that will TRULY go down in history as one of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If you're on Twiturr then don't be a douche-nozzle! Add @JoanJett & tell everyone else ya can to do the same!!! Also on Myspace, Facebook and probably other sites and I'm too burnt out now to post the links to that! But I'll take the time to do THIS:

Update 5/16/10:

Also for y'all on Twit:

P.P.S. This is the lucky little shit (but I'm not jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOT ONE BIT...yeah right!) who got not only the pictured set list AND Joan's sweat-band (not sure if it was a headband or wrist type deal) BUT A GUITAR PIC AS WELL!!! Overachiever!!! If somehow Ms. Overachiever finds this here prestigious highly read blog, feel free to drop me a line so the whole world will know who to bow down to! :P

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Toxic Naked Swap

Thom's blog

On the Senate floor, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) lashed out at his own party for its financial reform bill, saying that if they don't fix the "too big to fail" provisions and better regulate credit default swaps, "then shame on us. We have a responsibility here. We cannot claim ever that we have done something about this system." Sen. Dorgan (D-ND) is offering an amendment to ban naked credit default swaps, a practice that for centuries was illegal and is now being used to destroy the American economy and, as we speak, to attack the country of Greece while making a few cool billion for a handful of hedge fund managers who then, because of the Bush tax cuts, pay a maximum 15% income tax and no social security tax on the money they take. Dorgan's problem is that because of a series of very, very toxic Supreme Court decisions - going back a century but particularly over the past four decades - corporations now own nearly ever member of Congress except those from small states (like Dorgan's or Bernie Sanders' Vermont) where it's still possible to run for office inexpensively. The UK just had an election and not one single TV ad was allowed to be run in the campaign. Every single vote was recorded on paper - not a single Diebold machine. We have a long way to go to reclaim democracy here in America - but let's get started.

Hawaii to Birthers: Enough Already

(Credit: CBS/AP)

Yesterday, Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, signed a bill that allows state officials to ignore duplicative requests for copies of President Obama's birth certificate.

The state gets about 50 requests per month for the president's birth certificate from the so-called "birthers," according to the Honolulu Advertiser. Department of Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino reportedly said in February that the requests largely come from the same four to six people.

Birthers believe, contrary to overwhelming evidence, that Mr. Obama may not have been born in the United States and is thus not eligible for the presidency.

"The time and state resources it takes to respond to these often convoluted inquiries are considerable," testified Fukino, who has repeatedly stated that she has seen the president's vital records showing that he was born in the United States.

While the law is relatively broad - it allows all state government agencies to ignore duplicate or very similar requests - it appears to have been crafted specifically to deal with requests from birthers.

State Sen. Will Espero told the Advertiser the new law will help, though the problem isn't going away.

"It will certainly provide some relief and help that Department of Health staff [needs], although I don't think it will by any means put an end to the birther issue," he told the newspaper. "There are people out there, and mostly from the Mainland, who are just rabid about this and I don't think anything we provide or give them will convince them otherwise."

AZ's Jan Brewer continues push to be America's most throwback governor

DAYUUUUMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Huuuuuweeeee, does she have a face like a football - laces and everything!!! I need to print up a copy of this picture so I can hang it in my attic to keep the rats away!!!!!!!!!

Arizona’s Jan Brewer continues push to be America’s most throwback governor

Move over, Bob McDonnell … put down that Confederate flag, Rick Perry … and toss out those recipes for oil-dipped quail, Haley Barbour! Jan Brewer wants to be the governor who most embarrasses America. Brewer, having already discovered her inner George Wallace by signing a racial profiling anti-immigrant law written and sponsored by proven racists and nativists, has now also signed a law banning ethnic studies (unless of course by “ethnic,” you mean European…) Take that, Chicanos! Read more

Great Thom Hartmann blog!

Thom's blog
May 12, 2010. Was the Gulf Oil Disaster a Result of a BP BigWhig Party?
The Times-Picayune reported last week that an oil worker who survived the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, that killed 11 people and started a disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, said a key safety measure was not being implemented on the rig.
Lawyer Scott Bickford said his client claims a column of mud was being removed from an exploratory well before it was sealed with a top cement cap -- a move he described as "human error" that may have in turn failed to prevent the deadly explosion.
A statement from cement contractor Halliburton, reported by the New Orleans newspaper, confirmed the top cap was not installed. The column of heavy mud is one of the core defenses relied upon by drillers to prevent explosions.
So they cut corners to get the job done quickly. Here's a question. Have you ever worked in a place where the bigwhigs were coming to town and you had to quickly get everything ready for them?
Remember that there were six senior British Petroleum executives on the oil rig at the time of the explosion, celebrating a recent safety award the company had gotten. Getting senior executives out to an oil rig all at the same time is something that requires some coordinating and planning.
What if the drillers and Halliburton were told that the executives were going to be there on April 20th for the party, and therefore they had to hurry to get the job done? And therefore they skipped the time-consuming step of putting the mud plug in and went straight to the cementing process, apparently the fatal mistake that let the giant methane bubble rush up and explode the rig?
Was this entire disaster the result of a hurry-hurry-up because the big shots were flying out by helicopter and the riggers had to get things done "stat"? Who were these six executives? How far out was their visit planned?
Did Halliburton and Transocean cut corners because they were either explicitly told to by BP or implicitly pressured to by BP because the executives were on their way out for the party?
And why is nobody talking about who these executives were, and nobody is telling the life and family stories of the eleven workers who died in the rig explosion?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A sampling of the most MELODIC Nine Inch Nails

Well...somewhat anyways!!! Here ya go: ("Right Where It Belong" - live in West Palm Beach at the fucking AMAZING show I saw them at...) ("Something I Can Never Have" - live at Woodstock 1994) "(Anthrax" - Gang Of Four cover with Gary Numan & Jane's Addiction's Eric Avery) ("Memorabilia" - Soft Cell cover - b-side of "Closer")
("My Violent Heart" - further proof that YEAR ZERO is THEIR BEST ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
("Vessel" live in Sacramento, CA '08 - again, further proof that YEAR ZERO is THEIR BEST ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ("Metal" - Gary Numan cover, first time played live, at approx. 25 seconds in, you'll hear an "OH FUCK!" and that's ME cuz this was filmed obviously close by me, and that's EXACTLY what I said when I realized what song this was, and how brilliantly he cover Gary's song!!! Did I mention it was the FIRST TIME every they played it live?!) ("Heresy" - also live from West Palm...this too was recorded very close to you will be able to tell!!!!) ("Get Down Make Love" - THE BEST cover EVER of a QUEEN song!!! In fact...the very reason I bought the single for the next song, and making me an NIN fan FOR LIFE!!! ("Sin" - live version Woodstock 1994)

And...ONE MORE TIME!!! IF some how you haven't heard NIN's YEAR ZERO, that I shit you not, is not ONLY the BEST NIN album, but: THE record of the BU$Hitler years...and sadly what may be to's brutally's violently abrasive...and it's IN YO FUCKIN FACE...but it's WHAT this goddamn country NEEDS!!!! A MASSIVE FUCKING BITCH SLAP WAKE UP CALL!!!!! Not some sissy ass shit like Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT (and yes I appreciate their effort, BUT HULK IT UP A FEW!!!!) Trent Renzor didn't get awards from multiple fine folks FOR NOTHING...ya here and fine out about WILL surprise you! (And for a TRULY great cause; RIP Eric De La Crzu.)

"A Drowning" by How To Destroy Angels which is Trent's wife on vocals, along with...Trent and Atticus Ross. NEW MUSIC!!! AND IT ISN'T SHIT FROM AMERICAN IDOL TYPE CRAP!!!!!!!

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Post to an annoying Wiccan Republican FB group

This is the annoying Wiccan Republican FB group (feel free to join in too!):!/pages/Thats-No-Angry-Mob-Thats-My-MOM/388394170029

And this is a post I found on there, and I have NO IDEA who wrote it...hehehe:

Wiccan Republicans huh?! Are you freakin KIDDING ME?!?!?! Really??? SERIOUSLY??? As if being Wiccan isn't hypocritical enough!!! (White light magic only, pahleeeez!!!!! You may as well still be a jesus freak!!!) And I've seen 4-year-olds with ADHD (no offense to 4-year-olds with ADHD! At least they have a REASON...) who can write better than this trite worn out lousy RepukeliKKKlan talking points from oxyRU$Hilter Limpnoodle and his 900 shit clone shows polluting our PUBLIC SOCIALIST airwaves!!!!!! And Scott almost MARRIED YOU?! Goddamn!!! I'll be sure to see y'all at the next Teabagger rally (y'all are 100% anti-gay, but you name yourselves TEABAGGERS!!! AHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!!) when you WILL be burning your SOCIAL SECURITY cards, right?! After all, it IS Socialism, so PLEASE make sure you be consistent!!! I hope I have not made any of your sorry anti-American cowards late for your Klan rallies as well!!! Ta ta for now, and AVE SATANAS!!!!
PS Don't waste your time praying for me. It is the most UN-Christianly thing to do after all, and further proof of your emotional underdevelopment.
PPS If you delete this post, you are anti-American Terrorists who cannot handle FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which means you are probably here in this country illegally. I would then recommend you go to Arizona without any ID so you can be treated like the garbage you are to be deported from this FINE FREE NATION. Have a very nice day IN THE NAME OF SATAN THE TRUE RULER OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trent Reznor’s new band unveiled


Trent Reznor’s post Nine Inch Nails project has been revealed as How to Destroy Angels with his wife Mariqueen Maandig.

5 May 2010
Trent Reznor’s post Nine Inch Nails project has been revealed as How to Destroy Angels.

The new band, which is made up of the musician and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, have launched their website and released a 40 second video clip, which introduces an ambient, heavy electro sound, and shows a woman’s hand - believed to be Mariqueen’s – working a synthesiser.

The only statement released so far by the band reads: “Self-titled 6-track EP out this summer. Exact date TBA.”

Multi-instrumentalist Trent– who retired his band Nine Inch Nails from playing live last year - has previously promised he will release new music this year, saying in December last year he will be working on projects: “Including new material from Nine Inch Nails and something else that isn’t Nine Inch Nails.”

One of Trent’s friends, electro-rocker Gary Numan, recently said the new material will be a departure from the polished industrial metal sound of Nine Inch Nails.

He said: “I went out to dinner with Trent and he said then that it’d be great to do something very different from what both of us have done before, which sounds very exciting. I know he’s been back in the studio working on stuff. He works constantly.”

Trent Reznor's new band!!!

Miss this?! @PitchforkMedia Hear @Trent_Reznor's first post-@NineInchNails music: How to Destroy Angels' "A Drowning"

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Mike Malloy station list

Mike Malloy airs live weeknights 9p-Mid. ET / 6-9p PT:

(All are AM except Madison...and Sirius & XM...just in case ya can't somehow figure THAT out! If ya ain't got a station in your area, or don't have Sirius/XM, go to his site and listen on the Net! >:P)

Sirius: Ch. 146 (aka Sirius Left)

XM: Ch. 167 (aka America Left)

Albuquerque, NM: 1350 KABQ ***NEW!!!***

Boston, MA: 1510 WWZN
(Note: They carry Mike's 2nd & 3rd hours = 10p-Midnight)

Eureka, CA: 1480 KGOE

Los Angeles, CA: 1150 KTLK

Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas, CA: 540 KRXA (9p-Mid)

Madison, WI: 92.1 FM WXXM

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN: 950 KTNF

Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX

Portland, OR: 620 KPOJ

San Francisco, CA: 960 KKGN

San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 KYNS

Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK


You sorry sons of fucking bitches! You cocksuckers couldn't puke up half a million to get the safety switch mcgillicuty (whatever the fuck it's called!) to be the fail safe of your well that's now going to pollute every fucking thing in the Gulf Of Mexico?!?!?! Oh WAAAAH!!! We're ONLY a BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION!!!!! WAAAAAAAAH OUR ASSHOLE CEO NEEDED THAT EXTRA HALF MILLION FOR HIS BONUS!!!!
BP, y'all truly blow donkey dicks in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: If y'all woulda been smart and spend the half mil on the safety deal, you fucktards WOULDN'T BE OUT A FEW MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!! Did THAT get your fucking attention?! You don't give 2 shits and a FUCK about the environment, but thousands upon thousands of GALLONS OF OIL, WHICH IS WORTH MILLIONS, is going to (at best) go up in flames!!! Now YOU do the fucking MATH!!! Moron shitstains.