Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Randi Rhodes station list UPDATE!

And once again, it's time to get this back to top! :P

Newest markets:

Bangor, ME: 103.1 FM!
Long Island, NY: 1370 AM!

Needles, CA: 1340 AM!
Palm Springs, CA 1340 AM!
Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX!
Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK!
Taos, NM: 1340 AM!
Washington, DC: 1050 AM!!!


Don't have a station in your area, or have XM? Go to and listen via the Net!

ALL HAIL RANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIVE weekdays 3 to 6 PM ET...all times for stations ARE LOCAL! DUH! IF LIVE, IT IS SO NOTED:

XM Satellite Radio: Ch. 165 LIVE!
(Please write Sirius and tell them to get the FUCK with it already and bring back Randi!)

Albuquerque, NM: 1350 KABQ (4-7PM)

Anchorage, AK: 1080 KUDO (LIVE! 11AM-2PM)

Astoria, OR: 1230 KKEE (Live! Noon-3p)

Bangor, ME: 103.1 FM WZON *NEW & LIVE 3-6 PM!* (Three guesses who owns WZON!!!)
This station is based in Dover-Foxcroft, so if you're northwest of Bangor, you should be able to get it!

Bellingham, WA: 930 KBAI (LIVE Noon-3PM)

Buffalo / Rochester, NY: 1520 WWKB (LIVE! 3-6PM)

Charlottesville, VA: 1450 WVAX (Live! 3-6p)

Denver / Boulder, CO: 760 KKZN (7-10PM)
(COVERS MOST OF CO! PLUS Scottbluff NE; Cheyenne, Laramie & Casper WY!)

East Longmeadow, MA: 1600 WHNP (Live! 3-6p)

Eugene, OR: 1340 KBBR (Live Noon-3p)

Greenfield, MA: 1260 WHMQ (Live! 3-6p)

Long Island, NY: 1370 WALK *NEW 6-9PM!*

Los Angeles, CA: 1150 KTLK (LIVE! Noon-3PM)

Madison, WI: 92.1 FM WXXM (6-9PM)

Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas, CA: 540 KRXA (Noon-1 PM, 2-4PM)

Needles, CA: 1340 KTOX *NEW & LIVE Noon-3PM!*

Palm Springs, CA: 1340 KPTR *NEW 3-6 PM*

Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX
*NEW & LIVE Noon-3PM!*

Portland, OR: 620 KPOJ (3-6PM)
(covers Salem, Albany & Corvallis OR & Southeast WA state!)

Reno / Carson City, NV: 1230 KJFK (LIVE! Noon to 3PM)
(covers Silver Springs & Fernley)

San Francisco / San Jose, CA: 960 KKGN (NOW LIVE Noon to 3PM !)

Santa Barbara, CA: 1490 KIST (LIVE! Noon-3PM)

San Luis Obispo, / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 KYNS (Live! Noon-3 PM)

Santa Fe, NM: 1260 KTRC (LIVE! 1-4PM)

Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK *NEW! 6-9 PM*

Springfield, MA: 1400 WHMP (Live! 3-6p)

Syracuse / Ithaca, NY: 1470 WNYY (LIVE! 3-6PM)
(covers Elmira, Binghampton & Corning)

Taos, NM: 1340 KVOT *NEW 4-7 PM*

Washington, DC: 1050 WZAA
*NEW & LIVE 3-6PM!*
Should easily cover Baltimore & most of MD, DE and Northern VA during the DAY time!

West Palm Beach, FL: 1290 WJNO (6-9PM)
Covers from Ft. Lauderdale to Port St. Lucie/Ft. Pierce.

West Palm Beach, FL: 1230 WBZT (LIVE 3-6PM!)
Covers mostly only Palm Beach county...unless you got a bitchin' antenna!!!

The Mike Malloy Show STATION LIST *UPDATE*!!!

Mike airs live week nights 9p-Mid. ET / 6-9p PT:

(All are AM except Madison...and Sirius & XM...just in case ya can't somehow figure THAT out! If ya ain't got a station in your area, or don't have Sirius/XM, go to his site and listen on the Net! >:P)

Sirius: Ch. 146 (aka Sirius Left)

XM: Ch. 167 (aka America Left)

Albuquerque, NM: 1350 KABQ ***NEW!!!***

Boston, MA: 1510 WWZN ***NEW!!!***
(Footnote: They carry Mike's 2nd & 3rd hours from 10p-Midnight)

Eureka, CA: 1480 KGOE

Los Angeles, CA: 1150 KTLK

Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas, CA: 540 KRXA (9p-Mid)

Madison, WI: 92.1 FM WXXM

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN: 950 KTNF

Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX

Portland, OR: 620 KPOJ

San Francisco, CA: 960 KKGN ***NOW LIVE ALL 3 HOURS!***

San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 KYNS

Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Jane's Addiction OR NOT?!

Now WTF?! Eric Avery said on Twit he's NOT writing anything new with Jane's...and now THIS?!?!?!?!?!


ACTUALLY, I would REALLY seriously ACTUALLY appreciate it if y'all would ACTUALLY stop using for a while ACTUALLY the fucking word "ACTUALLY"!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
From Howard Stern to Ghost Hunters, to my friends and family, this goddamn word has ACTUALLY been more overused than "basically" was by the yuppie cocksuckers back in the '80's!!!! I know, it's ACTUALLY a fucking epidemic!!! I know I know, this ain't the WORST problem we face (the fucked up eCONomy thanks to the KKKons, Haiti, that bullshit Supreme KKKourt ruling yesterday, etc.) but it just goes to show that people erroneously believe that by ACTUALLY using "BIG WORDS" (and let's fucking face it, "actually" AIN'T all that fancy of a word now IS IT?!) it makes them seem ACTUALLY more INTELLIGENT and/or what they are ACTUALLY talking about seem more ACTUALLY important...which, guess what kids, usually it sure as fuck isn't! Oh cracker PAHLEEEEZ!!!!! It ACTUALLY makes you sound like you graduated from the School Of Repetition, University of the Dept. Of Redundancy Dept.!!!

The NEW Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united corporations of America. And to the Monopolies for which it stands, a hand full of giant companies under their God, indivisible, without liberty and no justice for any of us.

Memorize this and teach it to our children. The old one is null and void.

Mike Malloy said it best:

It’s happened. It’s finally official. Our futures are owned by Corporate America. Or by Corporate Saudi Arabia. Or Corporate Japan. Doesn’t matter anymore, really.

Today the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision ruled that there is to be no limit on corporate campaign contributions, ending the possibility of any candidate’s chances unless they’re totally 100% in the back pocket of some corporation. Game over. The Democratic Experiment has been concluded.

Why Air America REALLY failed

First of all, MOTHERFUCK these stupid KKKons out there saying "THIS AM BE THE END OF LIBRUL TALKS RADUO!" Wrong. Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, Rachel Maddow, Bill Press, Ed Schultz, and dozens upon dozens of others are still ON THE AIR, WITH LARGER AUDIENCES THAN EVEN!!! Not to mention plenty of local shows who have INTER-national followings thanks to the internetS, such as Shannyn Moore in Anchorage, Angie Coiro in San Fran, etc.!

So let's run down why Air America REALLY shit the bed:

1) It's the TALENT, stupid!
You can't have a fucking radio network (yes, and ENTIRE radio network, 24/7!) without REAL tried and true RADIO talent. I greatly appreciate the time and effort put in by people such as Al Franken, who has since reclaimed Paul Wellstone's senate seat--and good on him, for trying their hand at radio. However, it's no where near as easy as it looks. Randi was probably one of the FEW veterans of radio to start out on AAR. Mind you, most of the folks on AAR who were not radio vets did OUTSTANDING in the medium, especially Jeanane Gorafalo. Hell, even Al got better after time! BUT, to not have started out with the folks who busted their asses in one local market after another and never could go national thanks to the Con-owned media, was just plain STUPID.

2) Once you get radio talent, KEEP IT!
After AAR did some reshuffling of the deck, they for a while, had a pretty goddamn solid line up! Morning Sedition was catching on (and 6-9 AM is a ROUGH time slot to get an audience!), Unfiltered was catching on (9-noon ain't too easy either!) and AAR brought in Mike Malloy and Thom Hartmann, two of the BEST in radio! So, this brings me to my next point: their MANAGEMENT!

3) I should have combine this with #2, but oh well! When you have a liberal network, make GODDAMN SURE it's management is NOT infiltrated by PSYCHO CONSERVATIVES who are out to RUIN IT! And in AAR's case, it's too late for that! As if it was enough to recover from the very ugly fall out of Lizz Winstead leaving, among others, the straw that broke the camels back was the EXTREMELY UGLY firing of Mike Malloy. Which all worked out very nicely for me, since I can now get his show again on Sirius, and have been listening since, thanks AAR! I'll never forget that day. Mike was ON HIS WAY to I forget which station's studios in Atlanta, to fill in for Randi, when he gets a call saying he's been FIRED! How shitty is that?! What galls me out is Al Franken refused to let AAR run promos for Malloy's show on his. Why? Cuz Mike is *GASP* critical of Israel's INSANE government! How many fucking times does it HAVE to be said that being anti-Zionist is NOT the same as HATING EVERY SINGLE LAST JEWISH PERSON?! (Talk to some orthodox Jews if you can, they for the most part HATE Israel's government more than damn near anybody you'll ever meet!)
Then there was the EXTREMELY ugly defacto-firing of Randi. By then, due to the backlash AAR recieved from the Mike Malloy Army, this about did them in! Randi, as far as most people were concerned, WAS Air America. As a long time listener going back to her WIOD days (hell, I even remember her as a Rock N Roll DJ on the late great WSHE!) I'll be the first to testify! That bullshit of her saying Hillary Clinton was "a whore" ON STAGE IN FRONT OF ADULTS...IN SAN FRANCISCO, using THAT as their excuse to try to fire her, was utterly PATHETIC. By then Malloy was with the also-now-defunct Nova M radio network (He's now syndicating all by himself, thank you very much! And Randi is with Premire.) so it was a no-brainer for her to go with them! As far as I am concerned, THE ENTIRE IDEA OF AIR AMERICA WAS RANDI'S!!!!!!! She had said on the air for YEARS that she had tried and tried to syndicate, and was held back by Crap Channel, and she wanted there to be an entire network of 24 hour a day liberal talk radio! IF they had followed her ideas, AIR AMERICA WOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!

And by that I mean ONE WITH A SIGNAL THAT COVERS NYC! Their first flagship station was, if you'll recall, 1090 AM, which BARELY covered the 5 borrows, SE CT and NE NJ!'s a start. But then that deal fell through, and AAR ended up on 1600 AM which from all accounts has a range of 5 miles TOPS!

I could have included this with #4, but it gets it's own deal cuz this is just so unbelievable.
When AAR lost 1090 AM and went with 1600, they put on Ed Shultz (syndicated by Dial Global) instead of Thom Hartmann! (Hartmann is now ironically with Dial Global!) How insane is that?! Then, 1600 wouldn't air Sam Seder (another great talent they fucked over!) on, so they instead would sometimes air Stephanie Miller! Real smooth people! Way to support your talent!

6) Make sure you're not getting a shit deal when you syndicate!
As if it's not hard ENOUGH to keep a station on in NYC that has liberal talk 24/7 (it takes money ya know?) if you're going to syndicate to LA and Chicago, make GODDAMN SURE YOU HAVE IRON-CLAD DEALS! Remember 2 months after they launched?! Out of nowhere, LA & Chicago drops them. This was due to a KKKon who snuck in and fucked their shit up. This also goes back to point #3.

I could go on and on all goddamn day on how this network fucked up almost everything it touched, but you get the idea. Let it be a lesson to broadcasters who wish to do a 24/7 liberal format AND let it set the record STRAIGHT to you stupidass lying moron KKKons (man was THAT redundant!) out there who do nothing but talk BULLSHIT.


Friday, January 15, 2010


Where's all my FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!???!

Out now: Artie Lange - Jack N Coke!!!

Yes, it's true...Limbaugh & Robertson have... dicks!!!!!!!!!

Ain't these two just PRECIOUS!!!!!

In case y'all SOMEHOW missed it, Dickface #1 Lardass said words to the affect of:

Oh now goddamn!!! Ain't that just fucking RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geezus on a pogo stick, it was ok for Blimpo here to stick up for BU$Hitler for 8 years while he goddamn RUINED THE PLANET, but oh no! We can't help the people of Haiti cuz...well...Obama...have you noticed...uh...noticed that he's...BLACK!!!!!!!

And for fucks fucking sake! Pat "BLOOD DIAMONDS" Robertson...who's what, 190?! So as if his asinine comment saying 9/11 was caused by Lesbians, Pagans, the ACLU, People For The American Way, etc...that just was not OVER THE TOP ENOUGH~!!!!! Now, Rev. Senile McScumbag here just has to take it to a new level.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Debunking the KKKons round 948,992

Using Double Standard, Conservatives Absolve Bush For ‘Domestic Attacks’ On His Watch

By Matt Corley at 11:20 am

As the Wonk Room’s Matt Duss has been pointing out, conservatives and hawks are falling all over themselves to hail the failed Christmas Day bombing as a “success.” “This was — this was an attack that didn’t succeed on the scale it was expected to but did succeed,” said Brit Hume on Fox News.

At the same time, conservatives seeking to exploit the attempted attack for political advantage have been contrasting Obama’s record on terrorism with President Bush’s, claiming that the last administration “had a 100 percent perfect track record.” On Fox News yesterday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour declared that “after September 11, not one time did the terrorists who are trying to kill us and end our way of life, not one time were they able to attack the mainland United States.” Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed on Good Morning America today that “We had no domestic attacks under Bush.” Watch it:

Ignoring the irony of Rudy “noun, a verb, and 9/11” Giuliani claiming there were “no domestic attacks under Bush,” the logic of the conservative claim that the failed Christmas Day attack represents a mar on Obama’s record while Bush’s post-9/11 record was spotless reveals a stunning double standard. As many, including ThinkProgress, have pointed out, Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab’s failed underwear bombing is nearly identical to Richard Reid’s failed shoe bombing in December 2001, but the conservatives attacking Obama for letting an attack occur on his watch don’t seem to count the shoe bombing as an attack on Bush’s watch.

This was perhaps best demonstrated by Las Vegas Journal Review publisher Sherman Frederick’s column claiming that “the two cases of domestic terrorism since 9/11″ both happened on Obama’s watch. The only way for this to be true is for Abdulmuttalab’s failed attack to count as a case of domestic terrorism while discounting Reid’s failed attack. Additionally, as Media Matters has repeatedly pointed out, several other domestic attacks did occur under Bush’s watch, such as the 2001 anthrax attacks and the 2002 attack against an El Al ticket counter at LAX.

Update: Spencer Ackerman writes: "You actually need to give President George W. Bush credit for this. The Bush people did a wonderfully effective job of making it verboten in mainstream political discourse to consider the deaths of 3000 Americans on 9/11 in any sense Bush’s failing."
Update: Last November, former Bush press secretary Dana Perino declared that "we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term." Matt Duss discussed Perino's comment here.
"Place me not with those who are weak of mind and willingly give up the rights of others, for these poor ignorant souls know not that the rights they give up are their own!" -- Warren Friton

GOP: Goddamn Old & Pathetic!!!

How utterly STUPID!!!!!!!! You fucking JACKASS JABRONES!!! Now y'all have this chorus of stupidity, saying there were NO DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ATTACKS in the USA under BU$Hitler!!!!!! You fucking DARE to go THERE?!?!?!!? Let's review, shall we? Here we go:

1) 9/11!!!

2) The Anthrax attacks!!!

3) The (alleged) Shoe-bomber!!!

That's THREE...I bet I could dig up MORE if I felt the need to WASTE MORE OF MY TIME ON THIS HORSE SHIT!!!!!!!

Now go have a nice big cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It's goddamn ass-freezing shit-ass COLD here...but...I'm NOT sweating...not dealing with mosquitoes...let's just keep saying it over and'll sink in...right?!!?!!??
I tried to water the shit on my south side about 30 minutes luck. Ya know why?! The goddamn water in the hose is FUCKING FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shit you not!!!! Last year's record was 26.6!!! So, factor in that was ONLY 1:15 AM (approx.) that it was 23 degrees here. What's it going to be right before dawn!?!?!? -10?!?!?!
Mind you, this year, 6 days into it, has ALREADY beat 1986! Remember the Challenger? (RIP)
If you've even ventured through Central Florida, you will notice what USED to be ORANGE GROVES...well, instead, you'll now see PINE TREES being farmed. That fucked up little cold snap back then SERIOUS just eviscerated so many orange groves, that they said "FUCK THIS! How about we go with then thar pine trees? Shit y'all! They don't call 'em EVERgreens for NOTHING!!!" Can't say I blame y'all.
For the brief time I lived in the shithole Midland, MI (Repuke-Central!) I got to see shit like this, where ya gotta leave a faucet on, and a hose on outside (one that is NOT frozen helps!) to keep your pipes from freezing, and BURSTING!!!!!! But goddamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for this being FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and PLEASE let me be the FIRST to kick the sorry ass of any RWNJ to say THERE AM BE NO GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It just make me wanna slow choke 'em until they shit their pants. Cons, so RETARDEDLY don't REALIZE the coloration between excessive pollution, and FUCKED UP CLIMATE! Which, is WHAT this really is about! It's not ENTIRELY a "warming" deal that's going on...what it REALLY IS, is EXTREMES in TEMPERATURES!
If y'all Con's don't believe in Global Warming/Climate Change, PLEASE, by all means, LET ME BE THE FIRST TO OFFER TO YOU THIS CHALLENGE: GO SLEEP OUTSIDE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bubba The Love Sponge station list

SUCK ON THIS MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Well, that shouldn't be seem to be on to a damn good start on your own...fuckin jackass!!!!!!)


Live weekdays 6 to sometime after 10a ET on:

(Pick a station and clicky their listen live link!)

Ft. Myers / Naples, FL:
96.1 FM WRXK

Dayton / Springfield / Middletown, OH:
95.3 FM WZLR

Jacksonville / Gainesville / St. Augustine, FL / Brunswick, GA:
104.5 FM WFYV

Miami / Ft. Lauderdale / West Palm Beach, FL:
93.1 FM WHDR

Orlando / Daytona / Melbourne / Ocala, FL:
96.5 FM WHTQ

Richmond / Petersburg, VA:
101.1 FM WDYL

Tampa / St. Pete / Lakeland / Sarasota / New Port Richey, FL:
102.5 FM WHPT

Please note these stations have DAMN GOOD range, so if you're anywhere near any of them while BTLS is on, TRY IT! If ya get no dice, then fire up the Internet deal! Give them ratings & support their advertisers!!!

USA / Canada
SIRIUS & XM: Howard 101

3-7p ET / Noon-4p PT weekdays.

*EVERY DAY* 1-5a ET / 10p-2a PT
AND weekend afternoons various times.

PLUS exclusive UNCENSORED show Fridays 10a-2p ET / 7-10a PT!!!