Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One more time: happy birthday to the 1 & only Billy Idol! Http:// @BillyIdol
It's official cold. The proof? There's no mosquitoes!

Stephanie Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Miller now on SiriusXM Left 127!!!

One of the BEST cartoons EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Direct link, feel free to spread far & wide!
Brb y'all I must take a massive piss in honor of FloriDUH Govertard pRick Snott.


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh PLEASE tell me the hit I got today from Wasilla, AK, was from someone with the last name PALIN!!!!!!!!
Happy bizirth dizay to... BILLY IDOL!!!!!! Http:// @BillyIodl

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It time 4 @BTLSradio: Charleston, SC: 98.1; Ft. Myers: 96.1; Tampa: 102.5; ONLINE:!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I guess the 0.1% bought most of the $11 BILLION worth of shit on Black Friday, because...EVERYONE ELSE IS FUCKING BROKE!!!!!!!!


The latest from Carl Hiaasen

Florida DOES produce SOME good

(Bonus: @ChanLowe)

(Bonus again: @FranklyFlorida)

(Bonus yet again:

Shameless self-promotion time



Coast To Coast AM w/ Ian Punnentt on now


Support your local @BTLSradio station:

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Ft. Myers - 96.1 WRXK

Tampa - 102.5 WHPT


Mike Malloy station list


Mike's Facebook

And Mike is...
LIVE weekdays 9 PM - Midnight ET / 6 - 9 PM PT:

ONLINE: http://Server2.WhiteRoseSociety.Org:8000/TruthESeekerModem.m3u
IF that doesn't work, go to

NORTH AMERICA: SiriusXM Left 127

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San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 AM KYNS
Seattle, WA: 1090 AM KPTK

RUSH RADIO!!! Gag gag puke puke...

It seriously pukes me out of my fucking mind that my local Coast To Coast AM affiliate is an FM station called...RUSH RADIO! (Notice how there's no contact info, chickenshits! Well, other than for employment...oh goddamn, that's certainly gag-worthy!)
No, not Rush as in Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart. Ut ut, nope...the OTHER Rush, the BAD RUSH. I'll pause now for a puke break.
Other than C2C, oxyRU$H Radio is, well, just that...oxyRU$H & his 900 gag gag puke puke clones spewing the same goddamn horsefuckingshit you'll hear pretty much everywhere else in the "liberal" media. FEH, indeed.
I bet C2C gets the highest ratings...
I'd also bet that if oxyRU$H Radio aired Randi Rhodes live 3-6p they'd get QUADRUPLE the ratings of the putrid Sean Insanity...but the chances of that happening are none and less than none.


Posted by @Chris_Randall on Twitter just now:
I saw a bumper sticker today that said "Worship me or I'll punish you for all eternity. Have a nice day! - GOD"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brb y'all I must take a wazz in honor of #BlackFriday aka The Day To DE-Occupy The Stores That Screw Us All Over!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have a sudden new-found love of Thanksgiving, thanks to Fred Norris. Why? Because this isn't a freakin RELIGIOUS holiday!!! SHEMHAMFORASH!
Happy Turkey Day y'all, & hopefully most of y'all's family isn't DEAD like mine!!!!! Ah what an uplifting note huh?!
RIP Freddie Mercury!!! 20 music pretty much sucking crap since...YEAH I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For y'all real fans of @REMHQ

This great band, well, speaks for THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in a coma call 999!!!!!

WARNING! This is 9 minutes 21 seconds...OF SOLID GOLD!!!
We love you Alien Sex Fiend!!!!!!!!!
YO! The Stephanie Miller Show is now on SiriusXM Left 127! @SMShow @JimWardVoices @RadioGuyChris
This is only a test, of the Emergency Bullshit System, should this have been a REAL Bullshit Emergency, YOU'D KNOW IT, HELLO!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brb y'all, I gotta do a liquid tribute to FloriDUH Dictator pRick Scott.
Yo! Stephanie Miller now on SiriusXM Left 127! @SMShow @JimWardVoices @RadioGuyChris @SexyLiberal

Uh hello!

What the fuck people? Do y'all just have something against making a fucking comment?!?!?
Ok, fine. If you'd rather have no voice, then that's fine.
Not to mention outdated links and whatever!!!
Odd how when Ron Paul says U.S. policies led to 9/11, no one says shit. BUT IF MICHAEL MOORE DOES...or Tony Bennett for that matter...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank you Howard100 for NOT rerunning the same segment for a THIRD time. Der der der.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

For international visitors

I'd like to state, for the record, that shit is quite fucked up here. And I have a bad feeling it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better...IF it ever gets better. Isnt' it nice to have HOPE? HA. What's that? This country has been on a downward spiral since the day Reagan took office. And please don't be fooled into thinking that Bill Clinton, as well as our current president, are even CLOSE to being liberal. That's a sad joke at best. So sit back, and hopefully I'll be wrong about my prediction...but sadly, I for some reason don't think I will.

And remember to CTRL D this one too

Sick of mainstream garbage music (sorry to be redundant) then look no further than

This is for people who want me to google shit for them

Me neither

Dear CONgressional Repukelicons, if PIZZA is a VEGETABLE, where can I get SEEDS to grow them?!
Can we all agree at least on one thing please? The Gmail "new look" sucks yambags!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Support your local @BTLSradio station:

Charleston SC - 98.1 WTBB

Ft. Myers - 96.1 WRXK

Tampa - 102.5 WHPT



Anybody who wishes to, that's NOT a fucktard spammer (nice try, morons...) please leave a comment. Again, all you spammer seriously need to DIE...slowly, and painfully...and you will, the hounds of Hell have been unleashed already, mu ha ha.
Stephanie Miller now on SiriusXM Left 127!

South Florida radio veterans trade airwaves for streams

Friday, November 11, 2011

On tid-bit of good news... that this is still in the TOP #169, for the record...

Here's hoping the aliens re-abduct me...

Bill Press now on SiriusXM Left 127 & maybe a radio station near you...if you're lucky!

The classic 1966 Star Trek portrait

Mr. Nimoy posted this not that long ago on Twit, so I'm passing it on!

Sad fact

Five soccer fields length of solar cells installed in China per day, for 2011.

We don't am be need solur power here in Uhmurika, ayuk ayuk we am be just love sucking big oil's dick...

Cain's and Perry's memory problem

This is beyond twisted

And y'all who are in the military or are vets, if you STILL support the GOP after reading the above linked sick twisted tale, then you too are FUCKED UP...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So yeah, I've been busy, doing nothing, so don't worry, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated and no I'm not going to waste my time posting this shit on Twit, FB, etc., piss on it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In case ya missed it:
#OccupyOkeechobee!!! Aw to HELL with it...why BOTHER, it's just ME.

End Daylight Savings Time petition!!!

PLEASE sign & pass on to like minded people who are SICK of Daylight "Savings" Time!!!
No offense to the "mentally disabled" with my previous post! For y'all who are uber-PC, I sat "retard" in the context of extreme stupidity!!

For example: Florida has the fucking most retarded people!

Now, clearly I am NOT saying that to mean this state has the most mentally disabled people...and even if it does, it's IRRELEVANT!


See the difference now?! We all clear on this?! Good!
Thank Gods it's now back to Daylight Non-Retarded Time! Remember to set all 50 of your household clocks back an hour! PAIN...IN...THE...ASS!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mike Feder now on SiriusXMLeft 127! & @AlanGrayson will be on in approx. 1/2 an hour!!!


BRB I must take a tribute to pRcik Snott aka FloriDUH's worst Gov. EVER killing my state's eCONomy while he says LET'S GET BACK TO WORK...

Vie’s Verses – In Praise Of Brian May

In the world of hard rock music, there are several talented guitarists that could be considered the best of the best by almost anyone. Names that come to mind immediately include Yngwie Malsteen, Joe Satriani, Ted Nugent, and Eddie Van Halen, just to name a few. However, in the midst of all this greatness, there are some guitarists that slip under the radar and fail to get the recognition that they truly deserve. One such guitarist is Brian May.

When you hear a mention of the band Queen, the first thought that is probably conjured in the brain is of Freddie Mercury. Mercury was the flamboyant, incredible, amazing lead singer of Queen. He was one of the best band leaders in the history of rock. There are few that could compare to his showmanship, his style, and his voice. He was the face of Queen and when he passed away, the band went dark for many years. It’s easy to understand how Queen would be synonymous with Mercury. Yet, the brilliance of Freddie Mercury should not overshadow the fantastic work of Brian May on lead guitar. Have you ever really listened to Brian May play guitar on any Queen albums? From A Night At The Opera to Innuendo, the man was a guitar genius.

Brian May does not get the recognition that he deserves. Listen to the first two Queen albums and you can easily identify that before Freddie Mercury stepped up and took over the band, Brian May was the focal point of the music. The dark guitars and ripping solos reign on Queen and Queen II. Even after Queen became the Mercury show, May was still showcasing his amazing talents, as is obvious on the solos for songs such as “We Will Rock You,” “I’m In Love With My Car,” and “Flash.”

It’s easy to forget that Queen was actually May’s band. He started Queen from the ashes of Smile and it was Freddie Mercury who joined the band and pushed them in a new direction. Certainly, Queen would never have been as massive as they were without Freddie Mercury, but Queen would not be as grand without Brian May.

The later Queen albums give a deeper appreciation for his greatness. The solo on “Invisible Man” (from 1988’s The Miracle) is one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard on a record. The way that May is able to tap his fingers up and down and all around that guitar neck is unbelievable. He has shown other flashes of brilliance throughout Queen’s body of work as well. Songs like “Bicycle Race,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” would never be the same without May’s signature guitar work finishing the brilliance on each of those songs.

In the world of guitarists, it’s easy to forget Brian May, especially since he and Queen are not in the limelight that often. However, May is up there with Jimi Hendrix and Edward Van Halen as one of the most talented guitarists to change the way we hear rock music. May’s experimental sound and style helped form the backbone of Queen and led to a new wave of intense show rock. When we stop and think of the greatest guitarists to ever play rock and roll, Brian May’s name has to be mentioned in the conversation. I can’t say exactly what number he would rank, but Brian May is definitely in the top ten. The world of rock music is better off for having had Brian May be a part of it.

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Thom Hartmann reply w/ Sen. Sanders now on SiriusXM 127! @Thom_Hartmann @SenatorSanders http://Sanders.Senate.Gov

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stephanie Miller now on SiriusXM 127

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Support your local @BTLSradio station:

Charleston SC - 98.1 WTBB

Ft. Myers - 96.1 WRXK

Tampa - 102.5 WHPT

This just in from Roger Taylor!

Great performance of 'People Get Ready' with JEFF BECK!!!
Stephanie Miller now on SiriusXMLeft 127!
12!!! JANE'S NEW ALBUM *DEUTED* AT 12!!! Com'on y'all! Please get it to #1!!!

One more time! The new Jane's Addiction album "The Great Escape Artist" is out. NOW!!!!
Line Of The Day Award goes to...Robin Quivers "Pilot to Bombader!" while talking about shitting. @RQui @HowardStern @SternShow @RobertABooey