Monday, March 29, 2010

Randi Rhodes station list updte!

Newest markets:

Bangor, ME: 103.1 FM!
Columbia, SC: 1230 AM!
Detroit, MI: 1310 AM!
Long Island, NY: 1370 AM!

Needles, CA: 1340 AM!
Palm Springs, CA 1340 AM!
Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX!
Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK!
Taos, NM: 1340 AM!
Washington, DC: 1050 AM!!!


Don't have a station in your area, or have XM? Go to and listen via the Net!

ALL HAIL RANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIVE weekdays 3 to 6 PM ET...all times for stations ARE LOCAL! DUH! IF LIVE, IT IS SO NOTED:

XM Satellite Radio: Ch. 165 LIVE!
(Please write Sirius and tell them to get the FUCK with it already and bring back Randi!)

Albuquerque, NM: 1350 KABQ (4-7PM)

Anchorage, AK: 1080 KUDO

Astoria, OR: 1230 KKEE (Live! Noon-3p)

Bangor, ME: 103.1 FM WZON *NEW & LIVE 3-6 PM!* (Three guesses who owns WZON!!!)
This station is based in Dover-Foxcroft, so if you're northwest of Bangor, you should be able to get it!

Bellingham, WA: 930 KBAI (LIVE Noon-3PM)

Buffalo / Rochester, NY: 1520 WWKB (LIVE! 3-6PM)

Charlottesville, VA: 1450 WVAX (Live! 3-6p)

Columbia, SC: 1230 WOIC *NEW 3-4 & 8-10PM!*

Detroit, MI: 1310 WDTW *NEW 6-9PM!*

Denver / Boulder, CO: 760 KKZN (7-10PM)
(COVERS MOST OF CO! PLUS Scottbluff NE; Cheyenne, Laramie & Casper WY!)

East Longmeadow, MA: 1600 WHNP (Live! 3-6p)

Eugene, OR: 1340 KBBR (Live Noon-3p)

Greenfield, MA: 1260 WHMQ (Live! 3-6p)

Long Island, NY: 1370 WALK *NEW 6-9PM!*

Los Angeles, CA: 1150 KTLK (LIVE! Noon-3PM)

Madison, WI: 92.1 FM WXXM (6-9PM)

Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas, CA: 540 KRXA (Noon-1 PM, 2-4PM)

Needles, CA: 1340 KTOX *NEW & LIVE Noon-3PM!*

Palm Springs, CA: 1340 KPTR *NEW 3-6 PM*

Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX
*NEW & LIVE Noon-3PM!*

Portland, OR: 620 KPOJ (3-6PM)
(covers Salem, Albany & Corvallis OR & Southeast WA state!)

Reno / Carson City, NV: 1230 KJFK (LIVE! Noon to 3PM)
(covers Silver Springs & Fernley)

San Francisco / San Jose, CA: 960 KKGN (NOW LIVE Noon to 3PM !)

Santa Barbara, CA: 1490 KIST (LIVE! Noon-3PM)

San Luis Obispo, / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 KYNS (Live! Noon-3 PM)

Santa Fe, NM: 1260 KTRC (LIVE! 1-4PM)

Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK *NEW! 6-9 PM*

Springfield, MA: 1400 WHMP (Live! 3-6p)

Syracuse / Ithaca, NY: 1470 WNYY (LIVE! 3-6PM)
(covers Elmira, Binghampton & Corning)

Taos, NM: 1340 KVOT *NEW 4-7 PM*

Washington, DC: 1050 WZAA
*NEW & LIVE 3-6PM!*
Should easily cover Baltimore & most of MD, DE and Northern VA during the DAY time!

West Palm Beach, FL: 1230 WBZT (LIVE 3-6PM!)
Covers mostly only Palm Beach county...unless you got a bitchin' antenna!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, the health care deal passed the house, I guess the Teabaggers will start their retard riots any minute now...
Goddamn Democrats! Their windows jumped out and hit those innocent teabaggers who just went to Homer Depot and did some brick shopping!!!!!!
The dildoheads say it didn't video. Well I guess Lincoln's assassination didn't happen either, NO FUCKING VIDEO!!! Hey any video of Monica giving Bill Clinton a blow job?!?!?!?!
NO VIDEO...IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Let's face it, the Teabagger MORONS contingency is a MINORITY of SHITHEADS!!! They are PSYCHOTIC!!! They show up to greet the president WITH GUNS!!!!!!!!!!! They call members of Congress "Nigger", "Faggot" and so forth!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, what the FUCK is THIS?!?!?!?!?! And THESE scum Teabaggers expect US to be CIVIL to THEM!?!?!?!? What the fuck kind of motherfuckers do y'all think WE are?!??!?!? How did that New York state District 23 go for ya?!?!? Oh yeah, you can have a nice ticker-tape parade that you won BIG in MA taking Teddy's seat...or that you won a handful of others...BUT...
You stupid sons of bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OVERWHELMING turn out...and not for y'all's sorry fucktard pricks you puke out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006: ASSES HANDED TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democratic majority in BOTH the House & (outdated bullshit known as) the Senate!
2008: ASSES HANDED TO YOU...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Democratic majority AGAIN in BOTH the House & Senate...oh yeah, and THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We KNOW what you cretins are ALL about...stealing votes...filling the PUBLIC airwaves will your simple-minded propaganda...polluting people's minds with vile crap, hatred for your insane agendas...
Well, guess the fuck what?!?!?! IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You see, assholes, while you KKKons are playing Blackjack...Obama is playing POKER!!!!!!!!!!!
And to quell your fears, he's NOT the ultra-leftwinger you paint him to be.
Yet, and sadly, he CARES about YOU fucks too...
That's why, as a result of this Health Care rotten to the core'll most likely end up like you were when Bill Clinton president, flawed as he was, better off!!!
Y'all are just too goddamn narrow minded, unevolved, uber-religious, brainwashed, and above all STUPID to see THE BIG PICTURE...
Sucks to be you...and ya know what, fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKKons, I hope you don't get DOGPISSJONES from this health care bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After Raygun, BU$Hitler Sr., and BU$Hitler The Dumber, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't deserve SHIT!!!!!!
That's what you get for selling out the United States Of America, FUCKING TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Democratic Offices Vandalized In Days Surrounding Health Care Vote

Now this is ODD! I always thought the RepukeliCONs were supposed to be ALL about LAW and ORDER?!?!?!?

Rhetoric surrounding the health care debate has often been very violent, with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) just yesterday promising to “beat that other side to a pulp” and at least one Tea Party sign threatening gun violence if health care reform passes.

In recent days, several Democratic offices around the nation have also been vandalized. Although it’s unclear who the perpetrators are, all the incidents took place shortly before or after the House’s vote on health care yesterday:

– The glass front door of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-AZ) Tuscon office was “smashed out” a “few hours after she voted in favor of health care reform.” Giffords’ spokesman C.J. Karamargin “said it was unclear if the glass had been shot out with a kind of pellet gun, if it had been kicked or smashed with an object. The door has been covered with plywood.”

– On the morning of March 19, someone threw a brick through the front window of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s (D-NY) Niagara Falls office. Monroe County Democratic Committee officials also said that a brick shattered the glass doors at their party’s headquarters in Rochester, NY on Saturday or Sunday.

In a more confusing incident, someone spray-painted the word “DORKS” on the window of the Knox County Democratic Headquarters in Mount Vernon, OH. ThinkProgress spoke to Jim Zak, Democratic Party chairman, who said that this morning, he received a call about the vandalism, which seems to have happened sometime after midnight last night. He said that he has “no idea who would have done it,” but noted that “things are running pretty high here in Knox County, as far as the health care reform bill was concerned.”

At the Code Red protest this weekend, Tea Party activists also spat on a lawmaker and shouted racist and homophobic slurs at others.

Health care reform, Just the Facts: Immediate changes, others that will happen over time

URL to article:
Posted By devonawalker On March 22, 2010 @ 10:21 am In Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It’s all done now, except for the Tuesday morning quarterbacking and the spin. But here is a pretty comprehensive list of what you can expect immediately after the passage of health care reform as well as some other notable changes that will occur over time.

Changes happening immediately:

1. Adult children may remain as dependents on their parents’ policy until their 27th birthday
2. Children under age 19 may not be excluded for pre-existing conditions
3. No more lifetime or annual caps on coverage
4. Free preventative care for all
5. Adults with pre-existing conditions may buy into a national high-risk pool until the exchanges come online. These pools won’t be cheap, but they are still a lot better than being excluded. And there is expected to be some advantage due to the wider pool of the uninsured.
6. Small businesses will be entitled to a tax credit for 2009 and 2010, which could be as much as 50 percent of what they pay for their employees’ health insurance.
7. The “doughnut hole” closes for Medicare patients, making prescription medications more affordable for seniors. The government would offer a $250 rebate to Medicare beneficiaries to help pay their prescription drug costs when they hit the “doughnut hole.” Next year, Medicare beneficiaries would see a 50 percent discount on brand-name drugs to further close that gap.
8. All insurers will be required to post balance sheets on the Internet and fully disclose administrative costs, executive compensation packages, and benefit payments.
9. Authorizes early funding of community health centers in all 50 states (Bernie Sanders’ amendment). Community health centers provide primary, dental and vision services to people in the community, based on a sliding scale for payment according to ability to pay.
10. No more rescissions. Effective immediately, you can’t lose your insurance because you get sick.
11. Effective immediately would be a 10 percent tax on tanning salon services, which opponents say would lead to higher costs for indoor bronzing.

The following changes will occur over time. I have included the date of all implemented changes.

1. By 2014, all Americans must have health care coverage or pay a fine. Subsidies would be offered to help those making less than $44,000 or $88,000 for a family of four, afford insurance. Fines would be $95 in 2014, gradually rising to $695 by 2016, or up to 2.5 percent of income.
2. The most notable tax increase will occur in 2013, on individuals making more than $200,000, or $250,000 for couples. Taxes would be 0.9 percent on earned income above those amounts, and 2.9 percent on investment income (dividends, rents, royalties, etc.)
3. By 2014, no adults can be denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions.
4. Companies with more than 50 workers would be required, by Jan. 1, 2014, to provide health care for their employees or face a penalty of $2,000 per worker (exempting the first 30 workers.) Up to $40 billion in tax credits would be offered to help companies buy insurance for their workers.
5. For individuals: Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, those making less than $44,000 annually, or $88,000 for a family of four, would be offered subsidies to buy health care. The subsidies would be on a sliding scale up to 9.5 percent of income.
6. For small businesses: Beginning this year, companies would be offered tax credits of up to 35 percent of health premiums to buy insurance for their workers. Tax credits would rise up to 50 percent by 2014. Those businesses with fewer than 10 workers would receive a full credit to cover costs.
7. New taxes would be imposed, on Jan. 1, 2018, on high-value health insurance plans held by individuals — the so-called “Cadillac plans” often offered to union workers or executives. The tax would be 40 percent on the value of individual plans above $10,200 and family plans above $27,500 (slightly higher, at $11,850 and $30,950, for retirees or workers in high-risk professions.) Excludes dental and vision plans.
8. Pharmaceutical companies would face a $4.8 billion fee beginning in 2011; medical device manufacturers would be hit with a 2.9 percent fee in 2013; and insurance companies would begin to see a nearly $70 billion fee in 2014.
9. Government payments to the Medicare Advantage program would be frozen in 2011 and decline in subsequent years.
10. By Jan. 1, 2014, most states would establish new health care exchanges, where those without job-based insurance could purchase policies, much the way members of Congress now buy insurance from an array of suppliers.

CALL THE WAH-mbulance!!!

Just IMAGINE (if y'all can and not get puked out!) how FUCKED UP to the HIGHEST LEVEL of FUCKTIVITY we would be up to our ears in IF McHoover & Caribou Barbie were in, instead of Obama & Biden. Keep a bottle of Pepto handy just in case!!!

Well, it didn't have the ONE thing it REALLY needed, and that was a public option.

And despite the Republicans best efforts to - again - kill our own citizens (NOT ONE RepukeliCON voted for the Health Care bill...NOT ONE...I know, big goddamn surprise huh?!?!?) 30 million more people can get healthcare next month. BUT THE GOPigs ARE THE "PARTY OF PRO-LIFE"!!!!!!!!!! Not.

The bill may not be heaven to us, but to those without any healthcare, it definitely IS heaven! Or HELL, depending on your point of view...cuz I for one DO NOT wish to spend MY eternity with asshole Republicans!!!

WHEN Obama is re-elected, and IF we have a Dem majority (which we probably will, cuz y'all ain't SHIT!) I'm betting the public option will come up and pass. Medicare Part E for EVERYBODY. Simple. To the point...imagine that?!

Now, Mr. oxyRU$Hitler Lardass, aka Blimpo Limpnoodle...PACK YOUR SHIT AND LEAVE THE USA, ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!

One not-so-small step yet one GIGANTIC LEAP for the United States Of America to fulfilling the vision by its founders!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Jon Scott Ashjian, Reid's TeaParty Challenger, Owes More Than $200,000 in Back Taxes

Well now now, maybe he's a REALLY "fiscally CONservative" type?!?!?! At least he'd be consistent, right?!?!?! Well at least the Top KKKons ARE sure CONsistent!!! They stick to their guns (if you'll pardon the pun!!!) when it comes to one of their most truly trite stale mold-covered cobwebbed nose-picking neanderthal philosophy (IF you can fucking even CALL it that!!!) of "starve the beast" of government; allow me to clarify, make that: government OF, FOR, AND BY...WE THE PEOPLE...and don't we all know how they masturbate violently to old air-checks of oxyRU$H Lardass telling a black caller to "take the bone out of your nose and call me back" when the burn the effigies of Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Franklin, JFK, Clinton, and Betsy Ross for good measure!!! We'll take a brief pause now for a much needed VOMIT break here!!! Oh, better?! I bet Mr. Ashjian is a GOOD xian, no?! Hmm...I do recall his religion teaches "RENDER UNTO CAESAR WHAT IS CAESAR'S, AND RENDER UNTO GOD WHAT IS GOD'S". Ok...pretty Mr. Ashjian, that would mean IT'S TIME TO FUCKING PAY YOUR TAXES TO "CAESAR" DUDE!!!! $200,000 in BACK, just BACK taxes! TOASTY!!! I guess uh, so much for "fiscal RESPONSIBILITY" huh?!?!?!!? Well, y'all know the commercial "THE IRS IS THE MOST BRUTAL COLLECTION AGENCY ON EARTH AND..." and yeah, all that shit, we get it, you know it right?!?!?! Well...LET'S ALL DRINK A TOAST NOW TO THE IRS LIVING UP TO THEIR FINE-HONED STIFF BRUTAL REPUTATION WHEN IT COMES TO JOHN SCOTT ASHJIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go after a few churches to y'all while you're at it; specifically that VIOLATION OF CHURCH AND STATE deal!

Jon Scott Ashjian, Harry Reid's Tea Party Challenger, Owes More Than $200,000 in Back Taxes

Posted: 03-08-10 11:00 AM

The chips may already be stacked against Jon Scott Ashjian, the man who recently filed as a Tea Party candidate for Harry Reid's Nevada Senate seat.

A report last week uncovered that the successful business owner owes more than $200,000 in back taxes. On top of that, recent polls appear to confirm Republican worries that a Tea Party candidate might skim enough conservative votes to change the election in the Democrats favor.

In a profile in the Las Vegas Sun, J. Patrick Coolican reports that Ashjian "has an IRS lien on his property because he owes more than $200,000 in back taxes, according to the county recorder."

Coolican also reports that Ashjian's company, A&A Asphalt Paving Co., is currently dealing with a complaint about a $1000 bad check issued to a vendor last year. Though Ashjian shut the company down a month later, he now faces charges of failing to "provide a financial statement or other evidence of his financial responsibility," and could lose his business license following a hearing later this month.

Ashjian told the Las Vegas Sun that he was unaware of both the back taxes and the complaints against his asphalt company. Financial problems like this are to be expected of small business owners like him, he said, and were actually a big reason behind his decision to launch a Senate bid.

This elitist crowd doesn't have any clue about the pain and suffering experienced by the average American," he told the Sun. "Every small-business owner is in the same boat.

Great blog entry deal by Thom Hartmann

I mean GODDAMN!!! What the FUCK! This is TRULY a classic "WHAT THE SHIT!!!" article headline: In a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey, every single fish tested from 291 freshwater streams across the United States was found to be contaminated with mercury.
Well that's nice, if you're goal it to somehow become (dare I say EVOLVE into!) a human-thermometer!!! Pro-life shit-eating rat-fuckers will say not a WORD about this, ironic don't ya think?! After all, MERCURY CAUSES DEFECTS IN FETII!!! (Or whatever the proper pluralization of "fetus" is, look it up on your own, I don't really give a shit at this point!) And we all know how the good little xians love the fetus but hate the child, so I'm sitting here on the edge of my seat WAITING for the TSUNAMI of "biblical" (pardon the pun!) OUT-FUCKING-RAGE from these goddamn so-called PRO-LIFE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take your fucking time y'all. No rush...I'm patient...and I know, it'll NEVER happen...not so long as whoever asshole retard moron with an "R" after their name rectally feeds you some bullshit, like "well, if we got rid of pollution, that'd dun get rid of jobs" line of SHIT!!!! I don't know what's the more pressing issue to our Earth's environment is at this point: the mercury pollution in fresh waters, OR THE POLLUTION OF STUPIDITY IN THE HUMAN GENOME.

Why are we the only stupid industrialized country in the world?
The postal service this week announced it would be cutting as many as 30,000 jobs through attrition - using hiring freezes as workers retire or quit. According to American Postal Workers Union president William Burrus, cutting the U.S. Postal Service delivery to five days a week would be the beginning of the demise of the Post office. Burrus says it's not true that the postal service has to initiate major changes to survive a grave crisis. Burrus says a little-known requirement by Congress for the postal service to pre-pay retiree health care obligations is the central cause of financial problems at the postal service. Absent that burden, the union president says, there would be a surplus of $3.7 billion over the last three fiscal years. In other words, if we had Medicare for All, the postal service would be profitable. Probably forever. Why are we the only stupid industrialized country in the world?
In a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey, every single fish tested from 291 freshwater streams across the United States was found to be contaminated with mercury. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said, "This study shows just how widespread mercury pollution has become in our air, watersheds and many of our fish in freshwater streams." It's very damaging to the developing nervous systems of fetuses and children, and can have severe effects on adults. Mercury enters the environment as atmospheric emissions from industrial processes, mostly from the burning of coal for electricity. It eventually concentrates in rivers, lakes and oceans, where it enters the aquatic food chain. There is no such thing as clean coal, even though our President used the phrase in his state of the Union address. And we're now seeing an epidemic of autism in the United States that may be connected to contaminated Chinese toys, or to mercury, or both. Welcome to the brave new corporate world.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florida liberal talk stations, or lack thereof!

From the "Florida Sucks Donkey Dick" file, entry # 948,201!!!!

Lemme PROVE to y'all ONCE and FOR ALL just how SORRY this pathetic state known as FloriDUH is, ready?!!?!

This is a list of the radio stations in the 4th most populated state w/ liberal radio. Ready?
This sadly won't take long.
Here goes:

1. 104.1 FM WTKS, Orlando / Melbourne / Daytona = Jim Phillips weekdays 3-7 PM
(Has an IMPRESSIVE coverage area, from as far south as Sebring, Okeechobee & Ft. Pierce, to ALMOST Tampa, to as far north as St. Augustine, Palatka, Ocala, etc.! If you're ANYWHERE in Central FL, give 104.1 a try! Also check out Soul Brother Kevin's show 7-11 PM weekdays, Monsters of the Mornings 6-11 AM weekdays.)

2. 1230 AM WBZT, West Palm Beach = Randi Rhodes weekdays 3-6 PM
(Coverage area is from approx. Pt. St. Lucie down to Ft. Lauderdale)

3. 96.5 FM WSLR, Sarasota = Thom Hartmann weekdays 4-7 AM

4. 88.5 FM WMNF, Tampa / St. Pete = Thom Hartmann...not sure on air time...

5. 1590 AM WPUL, Daytona Beach / Palm Coast / Deland / Deltona = weekdays: Bill Press 6-9 AM, Stephanie Miller 9 AM-Noon & Ed Schultz Noon-3 PM

6. 1120 AM WNWF, Ft. Walton Beach / Destin / Crestview / De Funiak Springs / Niceville = Bill Press 6-8 AM, Stephanie Miller 8-11 AM, Thom Hartmann weekdays 2-5 PM, Ed Schultz 5 PM-TBA

7. 105.3 / 105.7 FM WJSJ, Jacksonville = weekdays: Bill Press 6-9 AM, Stephanie Miller 9 AM-Noon, Thom Hartmann Noon-3 PM, Andy Johnson 3-6 PM & Ed Schultz 6-9 PM

(No idea what, if any, replays of the liberal show(s) they already air and/or other liberal shows air on weekends on these stations.)

...And...uh...uh...THAT'S IT. You with me so far?! THAT'S FUCKING IT. A whopping grand total of...SEVEN stations...yes, 7 TOTAL in the FOURTH most populated fucking state in America who have the BALLS to put on LIBERAL TALK.


So, you sorry asshole KKKons, go smoke some MORE crystal meth from your 10 year old can of Old Milwaukee and INHALE DEEPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If I *somehow* missed ANYTHING (I highly doubt it!) hit up the COMMENTS deal! I'm DYIN' to know!!! Frequency and/or call letter corrections / additional stations / websites for stations/shows, etc., are MORE than welcome!

P.P.S. FUCK YOU to the ASSHOLES at WINZ for flipping to Fux Nukes Sports. I hope you jerkoffs tie WQAM at the bottom of the ratings barrel, you Teabagger ballsniffers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.P.S. Ask me why I have Sirius satellite radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do too, check out Sirius Left 146! If you have XM, check out XM America Left 167!

For those looking for the Bubba The Love Sponge station list & other info click here. Granted, Bubba and his crew are liberal on SOME issues, they're very...eclectic, which is good, and I DO understand and relate to where their coming from with their point of view, even when I don't agree with them; moreover, I do not wish to imply that they are LIBERAL, just SOMETHING other than the usual oxyRU$Hitler Limpnoodle and his 900 clone! At least Bubba & crew ARE FUN when ya disagree with them!!!

SHIT! I just realized I SHOULD include DEMOCRACY NOW! with Amy Goodman...
(Better late than never!)
And...well...that doesn't really bump up the list all that much, now does it?! Still, this further exemplifies the TRUE lack of REAL liberal talk radio in this state. Yet your pathetic morons keep INSISTING there's this GINORMOUS "liberal media" out there?! SHUT...THE...FUCK...UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just continue to keep looking like dipshits, I don't really give a shit!!!!!!
This is the FL list of *JUST radio* stations for Democracy Now! (the above link has TV stations too, plus streaming, etc, I'm sticking with JUST radio stations for this post!) :

RadioDaytona WPUL 1590 AM 8pm, Sat & Sun
Radio Gainesville WGOT-LP 94.7 FM 1pm M-F, 8pm M-F, 5am T, Th, Sat
Radio Hudson Shadow Ridge Micro-Media 99.9 FM 8:30pm M-Th, 7pm F
Radio Immokalee WCIW-LP 107.9 FM Titulares de Hoy: 6pm L-V
Radio Melbourne WFIT 89.5 FM 9am, M-F
Radio Miami WLRN Xtra HD Radio, Ch.2 4pm, M-F
Radio Miami WCON 1450 K Titulares De Hoy, 1 L-V
Radio Pensacola WUWF 88.1 FM, HD 2 7am M-F
Radio Sarasota WSLR-LP 96.5 FM 6am & 5pm, M-F
Radio Tampa WBUL 1620 AM 10am, M-F
Radio Tampa WMNF 88.5 FM 12pm M-F

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mike Malloy station list


Mike Malloy airs live week nights 9p-Mid. ET / 6-9p PT:

(All are AM except Madison...and Sirius & XM...just in case ya can't somehow figure THAT out! If ya ain't got a station in your area, or don't have Sirius/XM, go to his site and listen on the Net! >:P)

Sirius: Ch. 146 (aka Sirius Left)

XM: Ch. 167 (aka America Left)

Albuquerque, NM: 1350 KABQ ***NEW!!!***

Boston, MA: 1510 WWZN ***NEW!!!***
(Note: They carry Mike's 2nd & 3rd hours = 10p-Midnight)

Eureka, CA: 1480 KGOE

Los Angeles, CA: 1150 KTLK

Monterey / Santa Cruz / Salinas, CA: 540 KRXA (9p-Mid)

Madison, WI: 92.1 FM WXXM

Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN: 950 KTNF

Phoenix, AZ: 1480 KPHX

Portland, OR: 620 KPOJ

San Francisco, CA: 960 KKGN

San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria, CA: 1340 KYNS

Seattle, WA: 1090 KPTK

West Palm Beach, FL:

Headlines from Hell!

Jay Leno Returns to Tonight Show

Gee, Jay?! What's "new" THIS week?! Gonna steal "Stripper Jeopardy" from Howard Stern?! Go right ahead!!! YOU DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING BALLS TOO!!! Douche-nozzle. May the spirit of Bill Hicks HAUNT YOU FOR ETERNITY!!!

Poll: Online News More Popular Than Newspapers

DUH! Online you can get REAL news, and from MORE than ONE source!!!

Texas Intoxication Laws Target Gays, Hispanics

SHOCKING! Homophobia and TEXAS!!!

China Struggles with Labor Shortage

That's what you get for jacking all our jobs!!!

Repubs Send Out Fake Census Surveys

Everything the Repukes do IS FAKE!!!