Sunday, November 27, 2011

RUSH RADIO!!! Gag gag puke puke...

It seriously pukes me out of my fucking mind that my local Coast To Coast AM affiliate is an FM station called...RUSH RADIO! (Notice how there's no contact info, chickenshits! Well, other than for employment...oh goddamn, that's certainly gag-worthy!)
No, not Rush as in Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart. Ut ut, nope...the OTHER Rush, the BAD RUSH. I'll pause now for a puke break.
Other than C2C, oxyRU$H Radio is, well, just that...oxyRU$H & his 900 gag gag puke puke clones spewing the same goddamn horsefuckingshit you'll hear pretty much everywhere else in the "liberal" media. FEH, indeed.
I bet C2C gets the highest ratings...
I'd also bet that if oxyRU$H Radio aired Randi Rhodes live 3-6p they'd get QUADRUPLE the ratings of the putrid Sean Insanity...but the chances of that happening are none and less than none.

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