Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mike Feder

Just posted this to Twizitter, and being that I like to keep it clean and keep it GREEN, why not recycle?! :P

Mike Feder is great & should be on SiriusXM left 127 MORE!!! And check out his site

If I didn't oversleep (by MY schedule, which, is redundant! DUH! OF COURSE it's MY sleep schedule!!! Unless someone else is sleeping in my brain, as Nik Fiend would say!), I'd have posted sooner, since Mike is live every Saturday from 5 to 8 pm!!! But keep yer ears peeled, he pops up as a fill in host for like Alex Bennett (7 to 10am ET, and don't be afraid even if you're a Howard fanatic to listen to something else while HSS is on; thank GODS for whoever came up with the SIMPLE YET GENIUS idea to replay the show 24/7 on H100!!!!) or Mark Thompson (6 to 9pm ET)!

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