Sunday, April 22, 2012

HOODOO TALK by Hope and Kirk!

FINALLY! I got a copy of "HOODOO TALK" by Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk! Fucking absolutely outstanding! THIS is REAL industrial, which, no matter how many jackasses listen to techno or EBM or whatever perverted form of REAL industrial (and, make it into nothing more than what I call "death disco"!!!) fuck you, I'll STILL crank REAL industrial, don't like it, fookoo!!!!! "COP OUT" by Hope & Kirk

FYI: this album is from 1986, so I have no idea why it says 1988 for "Cop Out" whatever who cares! Just BLAST IT!!!! And do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of HOODOO TALK, I found a copy for like $3 so no excuses!!!!! It's on par with Richard's work w/ Cabaret Voltaire, so there ya go, and I cannot find shit for info on Peter Hope, help!

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