Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's my-side-of-the-im-transcript-recycled-into-a-rant

Don't fo'get Howard's Got Talent @ 8 on yer local NBC! :+P 

BRB I must take a Rick Scott...extra SPECIAL tribute since he's going to do all he can to kill health care in this state, since this is the great state of FloriDUH. Ahhhhh, now that's how I spell RELIEF!!!

It's not bad enough that childless adults in this WONDERFULLY PROGRESSIVE (ahahahahhahaaaa!!!!) state can't get Medicaid (or for that matter, anything) now Governor Crypt-Keeper is going to do all he can to make sure NO ONE gets healthcare in this state unless you're the Rmoney family here on vacation oh hell they'll probably move next door to oxyRU$H, well if that ever happens, I pray for a Cat. 5 hurricane to pop up out of nowhere and wipe Palm Beach off the map...just give me enough advance notice to make it at least to North FL!

pRick Scott is the quintessential retarded teabagger Republican douche nozzle rightwing Nazi Corporatist (redundancy alert!) who is out to prove to the world that you can get the LARGEST MEDICARE FRAUD FINE IN HISTORY and get no real penalty for doing do...and then become governor of the 4th largest state! And, he spent $78,000,000.00 of his OWN MONEY in 2008 to run for governor. I can think of infinitely BETTER ways to spend $78 MILLION!!! I mean the headlines wrote themselves and the articles too! All the journalists (I know what Carl Hiaasen's next column will be all about!) need to do is just take the article-template from when he turned down the $20,000,000,000.00 fed. $ to build high speed rail from Tampa to Orlando to Miami, remove a few words, and there ya go!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about recycling huh?! Any wonder why Gov. Gollum has the LOWEST approval numbers of any governor?! Which begs the question, who the FUCK voted for this asshole?! And, is still willing to ADMIT IT!

The teabaggers HATE government tax money...but they're A-OK with TAKING TAX $ THEMSELVES AND WORKING IN GOVERNMENT!!! So they take those original articles, have blank spaces for a word or two here every page, and you're good to go! The teabagger philosophy is pure insanity. Also pisses me off how this alleged astroturf grassroots NOT bunch calls them self the "Tea Party" when they are 100% opposite of what the Boston Tea Party was all about. I couldn't!  I'm pretty sure the average teabagger would be like "HUH?" if you asked them about the British East India Company.

And, Gov. Skeletor is asshole-buddies with Mitt. Rmoney and by keeping this state as shitty as possible so they can blame Obama, Skeletor is hoping to suck enough ass that he might get the VP nod. Sick people are the pawns of the GOD WARRIOR PROLIFE R US BUT FUCK YOU NO HEALTHCARE party aka the Republican Party.

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