Monday, August 20, 2012

Ask me why I HATE the month of August!

I've been dreading this since I first realized when this anniversary was. Toady marks the 28th anniversary of my music teacher Colleen Skantar who was only 24 years old died. Ask me why I, like Bill Maher, call them FLOATING DEATH TRAPS, instead of cruise ships. And to top it all off, this happened 6 days after my grandmother died. So FUCK AUGUST! I seriously wish I could go into a medically induced coma on July 31 and wake up Sept. 12, that way I can also forgo the 9/11 ann. sorry if that sounds insensitive but com'on, enough fucking death already!!!!! I hadn't played any instrument seriously until May 20th, odd how that 20 keeps coming up...nevertheless, if there is an afterlife, I can only hope the best for her. Her memory shall continue on every time I plug in and play! Life is for the living, so, I shall not end on a bum note! Even if for your own amusement, pick up an instrument, even if it's a banjo, or a flute, or a tuba or whatever, or sing. Do like the Athens, GA, bands in the 70's & '80's and do it for yourself and your friends!!!!! ROCK OUT! RIP COLLEEN SKANTAR!!! HAIL COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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