Sunday, December 22, 2013

A great rant by Al Jourgensen of Ministry!


Ok now I'm pissed ....the prison industrial complex has gotten as out of control as the NSA..... 1 in 108 people are incarcerated here in this country.....
This is another shadow industry like the military industrial complex been there a few times myself....this is the highest rate in the world!
50 % of all drug incarceration are for marijuana non - violent offenders...this is huge ca Ching for the prison complex ....these people should not be in jail...or the racist policies of determining sentencing on Crack vs, regular cocaine is ridiculous!i
It is a shadow govmt. As much as the bank industry or the health care industry and must be addressed these people are making a gabillion $ on tax payer money to jail people of good repute ...that just happen to do drugs.....this is BULLSHIT!!

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