Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random thoughts

I do have to wonder if any hits to this here PRESTIGIOUS and HIGHLY READ (ahahahahhahaaa!!!!) blog are psychology majors. Well hey, why not? Where ELSE are you going to get a better insight to the human condition? Especially when it comes to MENTAL ILLNESS!!! Mind you most of my state of mind being fucked up to the highest level of fucktivity is through no fault of my own. Or at least I would like to think so! Well, tell you what. YOU try growing up in Florida! YOU try dealing with the NON-STOP insanity that is a sad pathetic counter-productive anti-intellectual place that is the 4th most populated state of the USA with 17+ MILLION people, most of whom are SERIOUSLY crazy...not the fun crazy that I am! Just stop and ponder that for a few please. How would you hold up? How would you do here where we have the most cretinous of people, and that's just the Republicans that get elected from here! Look at Rick Scott, aka Governor Skeletor. His for-profit health care company got THE LARGEST fine for MEDICARE FRAUD in HISTORY. Ponder that for a few, seriously take your time. Now...done pondering? Ok, here's my other shoe to drop on you...are you ready for mind-fuck #2? Well, ready or not, Skeletor spend $78 MILLION on his campaign to become Florida governor! Now, who's crazy? I don't know about YOU...but...if I had $78 MILLION...I'd rather wake up in a coma than spend it on a months long campaign to become governor of THIS GODDAMN STATE!!! $78,000,000.00! Look long and hard at those numbers. 8 FIGURES to the left of that decimal point, ladies and gents! That's a LOT OF FUCKING MONEY...and I don't know about you, but I can DAMN SURE find 878 MILLION BETTER WAYS TO SPEND IT than to RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF FUCKING FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, in conclusion, I would submit to you that pRick Snott is the one who is insane, leading the FloriDUH lemmings off the cliff to their much overdue deaths!!! Just don't take us somewhat sane people, please...or, we have 878,877,000,000 WAYS TO BREAK YOU OFF SOMETHING PROPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pasty Stone voice: "ARE YOU MAD?!"

P.S. If YOU spent $78,000,000.00 on ANYTHING, would you not expect a MASSIVE ROI (return on investment) as you know DAMN WELL Gov. Batboy is getting, one way or another? As Deep Throat said best: "Follow the MONEY TRAIL!"

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