Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today's mind-fuck question of the day

How come it's "your money" says the GOPigs when it comes to Social Security privatization, BUT NOT WHEN BOA RIPS YOU OFF FOR $5 A MONTH to use what IS *YOUR* goddamn money via debit card?!!?!?!

And anybody remember like 5 years ago when all you heard what you MUST have a debit card? One freakin bank commercial after another after another on that. And some banks like Suntrust are flying under the radar with their horseshit, like soon they'll be charging anybody who has less than $500 in the account a $7 "maintenance fee". How come nobody is talking about that along with BOA's bullshit $5 a month fee for having a debit card?!?!? It's time for EVERYBODY to go with a local bank or better still A CREDIT UNION.

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