Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rant from Hell on Obamacare!

GodDAMN, this pains me to say...but here goes: THANK YOU JOHN ROBERTS! There, I said it. Pweh, that wasn't so bad now was it?! John Fucking Roberts, other than saving Obamacare, he's as useless as a football bat. And piss on calling it whatever it's real name is, the Affordable Care Act! Or is it the Affordable Cracktrack A-bomb Jones McGillicuty Deal?! Like LIBERAL, SOCIALISM, etc., so some jackass RWNJ KKKon "made it a bad word"?! SO! TAKE IT BACK AND BEAT 'EM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, George W's asshole buddy John Roberts OF ALL FUCKING PEOPLE saved Obamacare! How do you like that?!?!?!?!? When I heard it was Roberts who FOR ONCE voted SANE, I thought at first my food was laced with bathsalts and I was soon to go cannibal. But no, it's true. Oh and get ready for the Wingtards to need a WAHmbulance called for them cuz "it's a TAX"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, how about cutting the FUCKING MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX BY SAY 90% AND GEE THAT SHOULD FREE UP A SHITPOT LOAD OF COIN NOW WOULDN'T IT?!?! Oh oh! And the FIRST thing Mitt Rmoney will do if elected GAG GAG PUKE PUKE president will be...TO GET RID OF ROMNEYCARE! Oops! I mean OBAMAcare. Even though it's the SAME FUCKING THING HE DID IN MASSACHUSETTS!!!!!!!!!! Boy that's not TOO hypocritical! Like Bill Maher said best "It's like driving cross country to protest the highway system"!!!!!! Mitt Rmoney is the PERFECT RepubliCON nominee. Empty suit. Hallow as the space between oxyRU$H's ears! Oh and speaking off, Mr. Limpnoodle said he'd leave America for Costa Rica if Obamacare is upheald. WELL!!! I'll GLADLY donate my surfboard to the Pig Man! Urm, doesn't Costa Rica have SOCIALIZED MEDICINE?! Aw who cares, it's not like he's above hypocrisy either! Bill O'LIEly said he'd APOLOGIZE if Obamacare is upheld! Bet that'll never fucking happen! I bet you'll sooner see a flying manatee!!! Or is that Blimpo Limpnoodle flying off a wave on my old surfboard?! No offense to manatees! RANT OFF! FUCK YOU CONS! VIVE OBAMACARE! VIVE SOCIALISM!!! ONWARD TO MEDICARE FOR ALL!!! SHEMHAMFORASH!!! HAIL OBAMACARE!!! HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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