Saturday, April 6, 2013


Great instrumental, and surprisingly not hard to play...only took me a WEEK!!!

Gary Numan - "Photograph"
(B-Side of "This Wreckage", now on "TELEKON" reissue)

Even though this is for guitar you can still do some note-for-note "translation" like I did and keyboard ahoy! ________________________________________________

Henry Ford built a plastic Model-T car in 1941 (also ran on hemp vegetable oil fuel) out of hemp plastic, with...


Time to start a movement! "The Great Recession" < - - - NUKE THIS TERM ALREADY!!!
It's now "The 2nd Great Republican Depression"! Which, is WHAT IT IS!
For every Alan Grayson there's 50 Harry Reid's...time to primary the DINO's who can't hulk-up to the RepukeliCONs!

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