Monday, April 22, 2013


Again, I have to hand it to Gary Numan Bot for digging so deep he's about to hit Mongolia now! :P
And let's keep it that way please! Time to seriously think about ENDING this goddamn culture of violence in this country, from top to bottom.

@LOLGOPLiz Cheney is angry the Boston suspect may be read his rights. Millions are angrier her dad was never read his.

I'm really starting to see why so many people like Howard keep saying Twitter is nothing but a troll infested toilet bowl! And if figures Twit is where I have the MOST followers! Gawd, they're probably 90% trolls! That or spam bots!!!

Maybe one day the 4th Amendment will resurrect!

I can sleep better now...YAY FOR THE FREE MARKET & NO REGULATIONS!!!

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