Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More thoughts on CENSORSHIT!

Make that, I had it right the FIRST time. What should REALLY wake up even the most brain dead teabagger die-hard-GOPuketard is that a mega-left-wing-radical such as myself for once AGREES with Darryl Issa! Don't know who he is huh? Well, I WOULD say go to Wikipedia...come to think of it, go to Wiki! See how LOVELY that is? An internet of NOTHING. Just what all of you out there want, don't you? Anyways, Google (I even linked it, since I know there's someone out there too lazy to type it in on their own!) Representative Issa after you're done reading this highly prestigious blog, and you'll see he's an UBER-CON! Also, the WEALTHIEST MEMBER OF CONGRESS!!! Now ponder that even HE doesn't want the Internet censored. Just ponder THAT for a few. Remember when the music industry tried to stop sales of blank cassettes & even the iPod? Or when the movie industry did all they could to stop the VCR? This is essentially the SAME CRAP recycled. But in this form, it's FAR more insidious. CENSORSHIP BY CORPORATIONS AND THE ASSHOLE POWERS THAT BE MUST BE FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL FOR IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A WORLDWIDE CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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