Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prop 8 RIP!

YAY for the ever despised by the RWNJ "activist" 9th Circuit Court for NUKING Prop 8 and giving the trolls at Fox Nazi "News" something to bitch about!!! For the last time, if you don't want a gay marriage, DON'T FUCKING GET ONE!!! Oh I can hear oxyRU$H now! "Oh that activist commie pinko LIBERAL 9th Circuit out in San FAGcisco..." (yeah h'ed probably slip up and say it!) Hey RWNJ's, it's also AIDS Awareness Day, and FUCK Reagan for saying not shit until Ron Jr. was on TV is tights...YEAH I SAID IT! And, people PLEASE, USE GODDAMN CONDOMS!!! It's a one-stop shopping to save you from TONS of problems.

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