Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remember GOPukes, Mr. Eastwood is PACKIN'! a problem with Clint Eastwood's Stupidbowl ad for Ford? Or was is GM? No, it was Crysler. Anyways, don'tcha know, he packs a .44 MAG!!! You do remember that, right?! Rut roh...I have a feeling there's a skosh bit of AMNESIA here!!!!!! Alright, let me help...usually famous last words, but TRUST ME!
The RWNJ's all (pardon the pun PLEASE) "up in arms" over this "flap" must have less of an attention span than that of a horsefly! Clint Eastwood is NOT Alan Alda! NOT BY FAR! (I'm keeping it SOMEWHAT within the same generation, right?! Aw fuck it, close enough!)
Mr. Eastwood, for those of you who CAN'T REMEMBER SHIT, was DIRTY HARRY. Ah, remember now?! Perhaps you don't, well ok maybe HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER!!! You see, this is what REALLY makes the Cons shit their pants! Like his politics over all these decades, or not (and trust me I DO NOT! Oh alright, I do ON THIS ONE INSTANCE! However, this SHOULD NOT be a political issue...but you RWNJ's just HAVE to use EVERYTHING you can politically, well, fine, so be it!) he IS the REAL deal!
The auto industry bail out PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK. (I bet the local stores in Detroit next to the auto factories are doing better too, DUH HELLO YOOOHOOOOO!) Just like that Bank Bailout Deal GW rammed through, right?! How'd THAT work out? Oh no wait, that one was throwing money away in the most asinine way possible. It'd have been better to take those billions and have them used as toilet paper THAN GIVE THEM TO THE ASSHOLES WHO CAUSE A BIG HUGE CHUNK OF THIS SECOND GREAT REPUBLICAN DEPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the autoworkers make (GODDAMN UNIONS, OH NO, RUN!!! THE UNIONS ARE COMING!!!) gets taxed (and shouldn't, not so long as people who make over $1 million pay a LOWER rate) and goes otherwise back into the BELOVED private sector. Ok Cons, I get how you HATE taxes (while you use the commons provided by...TAX MONEY FROM EVERYONE!) but HOW the FUCK can you be AGAINST IT BOOSTING THE PRIVATE SECTOR ECONOMY?!!??! Oh I forgot. ANYTHING to defeat a BLACK PRESIDENT. Like you did to our FIRST black president, Bill Clinton! AND FAILED! Try looking into history...and if you learn something from it, PUT IT TO GOOD USE FOR A GODDAMN CHANGE.
And in closing, Karl Rove was "offended" by said ad! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! All you need to know about Mr. Rove is this: he brought us (gag) President (by proxy of the Supreme Court) GW Bush TWICE and his nickname is "turd blossom"!!!
P.S. AHAHAHA! You mean to tell me Wikipeadia had THIS to say, the FIRST four words of his entry are: Karl Christian "Turdblossom" Rove!
Are YOU feeling lucky, punk?

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