Saturday, March 10, 2012

End Daylight Savings Time!!!

Anton LaVey on DST: 
from Satan Speaks! Ch. 61, Pages 170 - 171:
Daylight savings time is a useless relic of a Depression-era political device, like “a chicken in every pot,” and the WPA. It mutates time in a manner that was calculated to provide wage slaves with an extra hour of beneficial sunshine after leaving their dreary daily jobs.
Now it is an annoyance, if only for reasons of inconvenience. In the past, most people had one watch, and one or two clocks. Clock faces displayed the time using two hands: minute and hour. Resetting twice a year was no project. Now, everything from VCRs to microwave cookers has a built-in clock with varying methods to set the time, displayed in a digital readout. That means you can’t simply reset the hands on a watch or clock in a somewhat casual manner, but must synchronize several readouts to display identical time. This takes more time than ever, which is what advanced technology is supposed to save. Instead, you waste a lot of time resetting many clocks and watches.
Worse yet is the damage to your internal time clock, which cannot help but add to the rest of the problems that your worrymasters have induced. More clocks mean more reminders of what time it is. Reminders which establish and maintain a particular biorhythm into your life. This predictable pace is violated twice a year, throwing your timing completely off. Daylight saving time complicates, confuses and enslaves.

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