Friday, March 9, 2012

More random thoughts on oxyRU$H!

Oh, before I forget, how many sponsors is his 3-hour-crap-fest up to loosing!?!?!?!?! Couldn't happen to a better SCUMBAG! The bastard who single handedly made LIBERAL a worse word than PEDOPHILE! The fuckwad who coined the LOVELY term FEMINAZI! The jackass who made it IMPOSSIBLE to have a civilized political debate anymore in this country! The hypocritical pillhead who told Crap Channel he'd bail if they DARED to syndicate Randi Rhodes!!!! Oh no, no better scumbag could it happen to! And not a moment to soon.
P.S. I am NOT adding "Feminazi" to my spellcheck deal!!! People wanna say AIN'T ain't a word?! Wrong, Feminazi AIN'T a word!!!!!!!!!!!
P.P.S. Down to ONE paid advertiser on WABC in New York! HA HA!
Also, 98 Major Advertisers Dump Rush Limbaugh, Other Right-Wing Hosts

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