Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts on walking while wearing a hoodie

Reason #998,929 WHY I cuss EVERY DAY since pRick Snott got SOMEHOW elected, even by the piss fucking poor retarded standards of THIS state, instead of Alex Sink. This state is a sad sorry JOKE. I do not get for the life of me why people come here! Is there just some people who thrive on non-stop bullshit?! PEOPLE WITH LOADS OF MONEY TOO!!! I mean DUH HELLO, did California turn you down?! I mean what the FUCK?!?!?! This state is really nothing more than Mississippi (minus the 7 or 8 native liberals who hoe a more lonely road than I can even imagine!) with New Yorkers et al and hordes of Disney tourist!!! THAT'S IT! Yet we SOMEHOW have this "image" that we are A REAL PLACE?! Are you on PCP!!! Laced with drugs from another dimension or just what the fuck?!?!!?!? Despite all the RITZ that this rathole paved-swamp is portrait as, please allow me to give you a bomb-shell bulletin! IT ISN'T! We have QUITE the "FUN" down here, don't we? Read Carl Hiaasen, you haven't already. So, the current Census stats have my home state at a population of...drum roll please...19,057,542 (2011 est)!!!!!!!!!! That THAT many people are I guess STUCK here OR EVEN WORSE, CAME HERE, is beyond me. Anyways, this is a state ENTRENCHED with urm how can I put this NICELY, well no I can't really, some massively huge RACIST FUCKING ASSHOLES OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. This STILL is the South, despite all the condos on the beach, and all the enclaves of retires from commie-pinko "librul" areas. Oh no. Make no goddamn fucking mistake about it. It's not much more than a bunch of over-grown small (and I DO mean SMALL!) Southern (in the WORST ways) town. THAT y'all, IS Florida. Do NOT get caught "DWB" (or walking for that matter, especially in Sanford, right?) down here. You know what I mean, you fucking KKKons. I guess we all CAN'T just get along now can we??? Neighborhood Crime Watch, huh? Sounds more like Asshole Racist Killing Kids if you fucking ask me. Shit to think about, ain't it?!

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