Monday, March 25, 2013

A great rant by Mike Feder!

From yesterday, what a great short & to the point, spot the fuck on rant! I don't think Mike will mind if ya repost this too, just be sure to leave his webpage links please! Now read! Enjoy:

When I was freshman in college (and this is a ways back-- I went to Bedrock Junior College with Pebbles Flintstone)...  Anyway, back then, the worst instrument of torture for students was Paul Samuelson's textbook on economics. And in that book he used the famous phrase: "Guns or Butter"; meaning that in an economy where, theoretically, the people have choices, they can decide to spend their money on war and weapons or food and social programs.
Looks like that argument has now become as quaint as the Geneva conventions. Apparently our government has arrived at the conclusion that it's ok to screw the old, the poor, the sick and anyone else needing a helping hand so that there is plenty of money for the technology of death.
I just posted a commentary and a reference to an amazing article I think everyone should see:
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