Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rant time!

I'm still of the opinion that the lotto is nothing more than a tax on the poor & desperate. Here in FloriDUH, we were bait and switched by the then-worst governor (we've since had the "smart" BU$Hitler Jebthro, and every worse, somehow, our current piece of puke, pRick-snot Scott) this already pathetic state has had Mel Martinez, under the fraudulent premise that the FL Lotto $ would SUPPLEMENT the public school tax. Instead, you guessed it, Gov. Scumbag got rid of the public school tax. Now since Jebthro BU$Hitler, the public education in this state has REALLY gone to shit thank to the absolutely UN-Constitutional voucher program with is nothing more than the RepukeliKKKlans attempt to force us all into goddamn religious nutbag "schools" where we get brainwashed and off we go into the meat-grinder like in Pink Floyd The Wall. Maybe by the year 9,000, this sorry state will stop being more than Mississippi with more beaches, hillbillies and palm trees, but don't fucking count on it!

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