Monday, March 25, 2013

SiriusXM has lost their goddamn motherfucking minds!

Pardon me, I must need to regurgitate meals I ate 7 years ago.
If SiriusXM can WASTE $$ on CRAP like this, then they have absolutely NO excuse to not bring Bubba The Love Sponge back to H101!!!!!!!! AND get a 2nd liberal channel so then they could air ALL 3 HOURS of the STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW LIVE, move MIKE MALLOY back to 9PM LIVE as well, give a weekday gig to Mike Feder, Left Jab &; the others who are relegated to weekends. Hell, air all 3 hours of Bill Press even!!! Gee, some LIBERAL media huh?! I mean HELLooooooooo! Failed Zoo-Keeper Howard Stern Wannabe peckerwood bigoted twit, he really IS the bad penny you just can't get rid of! FUCK GLENN DREK!!!!!!!

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