Friday, November 2, 2007

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November 02, 2007

How will it end, if it ever ends?

Yesterday both Cheney and Bush spoke to their respective minions about the endless war on terror, trying yet again to terrify the public into accepting bloodshed and violence for the sake of liberty and freedom. That logic escapes me.

A recent article by Brian Turner in the New York Times, titled "Requiem for the Last American Soldier to Die in Iraq," put it this way: "Who can say where that last soldier is now, at this very moment? . . . Could that last soldier be in front of a video camera in Hollister right now, recording a final message in case she doesn’t make it back, making a videotape for a child who will never know its own mother? What will the name be? Anthony. Lynette. Fernando. Paula. Joshua. Letitia. Roger… Who will carve it in stone and who will leave flowers there as the years pass by? Who will remember this soldier and what will those memories be? Does he have brothers and sisters? Will his father sink into the grass in the backyard when he is told the news? Will his mother stare into the street with eyes gone hollow and vacant, the cars passing each day with their polished enamel reflecting the sunlight? What will the officer say when he knocks on that door?"

How do the members of the Bush Crime Family sleep at night, knowing their children and loved ones are safe and cozy while they send others to kill and die for an illegal war that nobody wants or believes in, other than their war-profiteering cronies and oil company barons?

We'll talk about this and the other news of the week on the program tonight.


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