Monday, November 5, 2007

GREAT rant by Mike Malloy from his site re: Pakistan's martial law & the BU$Hitler Crime Family!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS OUTFREAKINSTANDING...and, sad but true. Got ammo?! Enjoy:

November 05, 2007

This has been is an exhilarating weekend (and today, a glorious continuation of events in Pakistan) for Dick Cheney, George Bush and the clot of neo-Fascists now in control of USA, Inc. The military dictator Bush has often called his most important non-NATO ally has declared the sort of martial law over which Cheney and the rest of these US-bred thugs can only salivate and look at with ferocious envy.

General Pervez Musharraf has suspended Pakistan's toy Constitution, declared a state of emergency, violently beaten and arrested political dissidents, rounded up leading opposition figures, ended even token acknowledgement of human rights violations, stopped the broadcasts of nearly a dozen television news stations, and announced the elections planned for early 2008 are suspended, canceled, off the table for at least the next two or three years.

Why has all this happened in the last 72 hours? Because Musharraf could feel the cold wind of the possibility of his removal from office blowing through the country. His reaction came directly from the Handbook For Dictators.

The Bush Crime Family is purple with jealousy.

Today's New York Times reports a government spokesman, Tariq Azim Khan, when asked Sunday why 500 people had been arrested, said the arrests were “preventive measures” because the people presented “a threat to future law and order.”

One imagines Lynn Cheney had to bar the bedroom door at that news, with Dick locked out. Such news gets the VP very, very excited. "Preventive detention" is as effective as Cialis in short-circuiting the erectile dysfunction with which all the BCF alpha males seem to be cursed.

The Times also reports one of General Musharraf’s main justifications for suspending the Constitution and firing the members of the Supreme Court was the need to combat extremists sympathetic to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In his announcing the state of emergency, he blamed the Supreme Court for hampering the government’s anti-terror efforts by releasing terror suspects.

The BCF also is bat-shit envious of the controls on the news media that were reported Saturday night. The dictator issued orders that journalists who brought “ridicule or disrepute” to General Musharraf and other officials could face up to three years in prison.

The possibility of the events this weekend in Pakistan being reenacted in the US is real as long as the BCF remains in power. In fact, with each day that passes without the BCF's removal from office - peacefully and legally - that possibility is slowly morphing into probability.

We'll talk about it tonight.


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