Sunday, September 6, 2009

An email and a reply



I just want to tell you I read your blog about hating republicans. I CANT AGREE MORE and I have rarely seen it put as well as you put it. I am going to send it out to all the right wing half wits who keep sending me their sheepish self defeatist republican chain letters whining about how we should fire congress and health care for everyone is a mistake. Fire congress? WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN FOR 8 YEARS? They let a giggling murderer lie his way into office and pretty much destroy the country for 8 years, Obama gets in, and tries to do something constructive for the PEASANTS, and they are suddenly up in arms. They boil my fucking blood. At any rate its a great rant and I commend you for it.

Best regards,


My reply (btw I hope the person who sent this doesn't get pissed at me for making their comments to me public, sorry in advance if so! But I just am compelled beyond my WILL to share with you my reply...cuz I'm BORED!)

And I only WISH I had WROTE it! It's originally written by someone with the handle Prophet 451 on DU, and the link to the orig. post is in one of the comments to it on my blog.
Oh, and another great post I highly recommend to you, aw crap, I forgot the name of it! It's by a guy in Cincinnati, titled something like "A Day In The Life Of Joe Republican" aw hell, lemme google and find it fer ya!
Oh yeah and HEALTH CARE IS A MISTAKE?! Ya mean like say the VA, MEDICARE and MEDICAID?! Also, doesn't the Constitution say EXPLICITLY that the government is to "PROVIDE FOR THE GENERAL WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE" well HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO THAT WITHOUT HEALTH CARE??? Take yer time rush!
OH! I almost forgot: I'm the OWNER and if you're so inclined, join in the insanity!

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