Thursday, September 10, 2009

STILL UNanswered 9/11 questions!

Urm, gee, we got 4 AIRPLANES hijacked and in the air FOR HOW LONG? And WHEN were the intercept jets scrambled to any of them?! Correct me if I am wrong, but, I always thought it is REQUIRED BY LAW that if ANY commercial airplane goes more than ONE MILE off course, military jets (plural!) are to intercept it. NOTE HOW THIS DID NOT HAPPEN ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. HELLO? Wouldn't THIS concept ALONE be enough for you to say "OH SHIT! 9/11 WAS A FUCKING INSIDE JOB!"? However, since most Americans have been anesthetized by near-lethal TV lobotomies (mainly Fux Nukes) and shit radio like oxyRU$Hitler and his 900 cocksucker clones, this is what us few dozen sane people are left to deal with!
Warning after warning after warning, FBI memo after FBI memo, CIA even goes to goddamn DUHbya, GEE, NO ONE HAS A FUCKING CLUE WHAT WAS GOING ON ON THAT DAY?!?!?! Ok, 4 jets hijacked, all turn around,'s obvious to even my own shit that 2 of them are on their way to New York, the other 2 on their way to DC. Gee, we had NO IDEA they would hit the World Trade Center towers, cuz NO ONE would figure MANHATTAN, especially the WTC, as a TERRORIST TARGET? Urm, well, they am be is never been targeted BEFORE, right? Ok, AFTER the first 2 planes hit NY, then what?!
Take your rush...
GEE, WHATCHALL THINK IS NEXT? Ya fucking think they am be gonna go hit a coal mine in West Virgina or a hay field in Indiana?! NO GODDAMMIT, DC IS NEXT, SCRAMBLE THE MOTHERFUCKING JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we all know how THAT went down on 9/11, as in, ok, the jets got in the air...5 days later.

Asshat read to kids over in Sarasota, and DICKhead hit in his bunker playing with himself while 3,000 people WERE MURDERED BY OUR OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JUST PRODUCE THE REAL EVIDENCE OF THE PLANE HITTING THE PENTAGON, and people like me would shut up and say "Ok, it WAS a plane". What the hell is the big goddamn deal, do they think we cannot stand to watch it? How many millions of times have we all seen the planes hit the North and South towers? And how many times have *I* ever said "those weren't planes that hit the twin towers"? Take your time with this last question. No rush. Ok, ready...the correct answer to it is: NEVER!!! Because, after seeing the endless footage of the WTC attacks, EVEN MY OWN SHIT CAN SAY THOSE WERE AIRPLANES!!! Now, were the FUCK is the PENTAGON VIDEO???
Even if it was just LET happen on purpose, not MADE, IT IS STILL MURDER. That ALONE is enough for almost EVERYONE in the BU$Hitler Regime to be IN PRISON right this very second, not even on our way to Afghanistan and Iraq and what ever else in the name of greed and fascism these assholes are STILL not being held responsible for to this very second. SLEEP TIGHT EVERYBODY.

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