Saturday, September 5, 2009


63 COMMENTS! (Eliminating duplicates, I think it was more like 54! Either way, SMOOCHES!!!) And no, I am NOT "Prophet 451"! I'd LOVE to take credit, but again, not my writing. Sorry KKKons, but I don't steal other people's shit!
Whoever linked y'all up here, well I thank them, and, WELCOME TO MY INSANITY!!!!!!!!!
I'm Bill Hicks, and I'm dead now! Actually, I'm Lu Cifer! How goes it?!
Oh and thanks to whoever linked to the original post. What a true masterpiece. Aw, are you repiggys crying to mommy now?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry turds, I have ALL sorts of sick dark twisted shit for you stupid bastard KKKons!!! Just you wait!!! You're dealing with RAMBO-LIBERAL, bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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