Sunday, May 6, 2012

Queen outtakes/demos/B-sides/live/etc!

These all should have been on an album, what the fuck! "Self Made Man" (Unreleased, outtake from Innuendo sessions!) "Machines (Or Back To Humans)" (Instrumental) (B-side of "I Want To Break Free")(Also one of the few songs written JUST by Brian + Roger!) "Dog With A Bone" (Unreleased, outtake from The Miracle!) "Feelings, Feelings" (Unreleased, from News Of The World sessions!) "Affairs" (Unreleased, outtake from The Miracle!) "My Secret Fantasy" (Unreleased, outtake from Innuendo!) "A New Life Is Born" (Unreleased, from The Miracle sessions; ended up as the intro to "Breakthru"!) "My Life Has Been Saved" (B-side of Scandal; later reworked and released on Made In Heaven!) "I Guess We're Falling Out" (Unreleased, outtake from The Miracle!) "Robbery" (Unreleased, outtake from Innuendo!) "Hijack My Heart" (B-side of "The Invisible Man"!) "Soul Brother" (B-side of "Under Pressure"!) "Lost Opportunity" (B-side of "I'm Going Slightly Mad"!) (Unreleased version of "Cool Cat" with DAVID BOWIE!) "A Human Body" (B-side of "Play The Game"!) "A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling" (Instrumental/remix of "Don't Loose Your Head"; B-side of "A Kind Of Magic" UK and "Princes Of The Universe" US!) "New York, New York" (Unreleased, from the HIGHLANDER movie!) "Stealin'" (B-side of "Breakthru"!) "Stealin'" (Unreleased AWESOME 12 minute demo!) "It's Late" (Live Vienna 1978!) "It's A Hard Life" (From LIVE IN RIO 1985!) "Dragon Attack" by Queen + Paul Rodgers, live in Worcester, MA on March 10, 2006. "Let Me Out" by Roger Taylor + The Cross w/ Brian May, live at The Astoria, London, England, UK, Dec. 7, 1990. "Now I'm Here" by Def Leppard w/ Brian May, April 20, 1992. "Under Pressure" by Brian May + Roger Taylor, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008. "A Kind Of Magic" by Roger Taylor live at the Mick Ronson Tribute Concert, Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, UK, April 29, 1994. "Innuendo/Kashmir/Thank You" by Robert Plant + Queen, April 20, 1992. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Robert Plant + Queen, April 20, 1992.

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