Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rants from Rigel 7 time.

Can you guess I just posted this to FB and I'm just to LAZY to write something ORIGINAL here?! Sorry, life calls! Ok, it's not life, it's my beer and I need to get my drunk on buuuuuuuuuuuurap!!!!! Enjoy:

After having used this wonderful free and highly amazing (BURP!) deal called Facebook, I do have some shit that NEEDS to be said!!!!
WHY doesn't this fucker give you some kind of option to show what BOOK or MUSIC or GAME you're playing, you know, like Myspace did?! Difference being, no one GIVES A FUCK ABOUT MYSPACE NOW! Rupert Murdoch RUINED it. Fact. Kinda like how when Microsoft bought out Hotmail and overnight, it turned into a spammers paradise that made even the spammers who troll AOL positively JEALOUS and drooling!!!
What, Facebook can't ad some kind of widget or whatever so I can say HEY I'M READING "THE NEW NEW RULES" by BILL MAHER and maybe just maybe I'd like to have an EASY way to get this out there to y'all?! Or, I'M BLASTING "QUEEN 2"?! No, no such option. Pity. Sad. It isn't helping the world evolve. I know I know, I can't save the damn world. But why not at least TRY?

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