Monday, June 22, 2009

NIN continues on to Europe etc!

I ain't even gonna attempt to cut N paste all that! Man, that's some formatting deal that'll not look good for shit here huh! Anyways, I implore you, go see them live if you're on the other side of the "pond"! I'll say it again, they're my 3rd favorite band OF ALL TIME (Queen's still 1, Jane's is 2!) and hey, that's not fucking bad AT ALL cuz y'all know me, I'm fucking PICKY when it comes to music! Trent Reznor is a goddamn fucking total GENIUS!
AND he's one of the few that's NOT A FUCKING SELL OUT! I don't see many other people helping raise money for the sick who really need it (FUCK our goddamn for-profit fucking health care system of horseshit butchery and murder...may you scumbags rot on Satan's pitchfork) go here for more on that please go to: & and bookmark AND PASS IT ON. It IS a good cause.
And futhermore, you can STILL get THE SLIP for FREE, just download it here, it's a great fucking kick ass record! Enjoy:

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