Sunday, June 7, 2009

On record re NIN/JA

Ok ok! I know you fuckers are like SHUT THE HE77 UP LU! WE GET IT! YOU LOVE THIS ALBUM, OK!!!!
Butt really, if you haven't heard "YEAR ZERO" by NINE INCH NAILS, I swear on a stack of huge stack of BIBLES (by Anton LaVey, accept NO substitute!) this CD is in my TOP 20, BEST EVER. You heard me...and locked in. It RIP, SHREDS, TEARS DOWN...the BU$Hi1ler Nazi Scum. And in such a way, I have not seen since, or before, on a scale that to me, rocks me to my core. It is Trent's "Abbey Road" or "A Night At The Opera" (I consider Queen 1, 2, Sheer Heart Attack & The Works BETTER, but you know what I mean!) or "Physical Graffiti" ; It simply is off damn charts!!! It takes you from every valley of life, every hole you've ever been in, then to the top of every mountain, in 100 times less than the time it took you to read this crap! Imagine the most kick ass roller-coaster ride you've had...then multiply it by A) GREAT MUSIC, B) A THOUSAND TIMES FASTER! So com'on! PUT YOUR DAMN HAND IN THE FIRE OF LIFE! You can't be the boy in the bubble, alright?!
Also, I find it interesting that when I saw the NIN/JA show in West Palm @ the ol' Coral Sky (or whatever corporate sponsor name it has now), NIN played only ONE SONG from this album, and that is "Survivalism".
Why?! Well, I attribute it to Palm Beach being one of the few LIBERAL areas left in this country. Preach to the choir?! :) And to top it off, it didn't get a huge share of A-HOz!!! Not more than 2 at most, I shit you not! What's going on here kids! On the other hand, how did NIN/JA bring out 19,000 PEOPLE in the DEEPEST PIT of the 2nd Republitard Great ICK! DEEP AS SHIT Depression?! Well, I'll tell you. It's SO simple, even the 3 or 4 honest CONs out there would man-up and agree to: BY BEING THE REAL DEAL.
Punk, goth, industrial, post-punk, new-wave, whatever you wish to call it, ROCK N ROLL seriously NEEDS reinventing every 6 months. Just like THE TREE OF LIBERTY, as so eloquently stated by Thomas Jefferson, needs its 8 year fertilization from "the blood of patriots"! Both Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction (plus it's many sub-incarnations: Porno For Pyros, "Song Yet To Be Sung" by Perry solo, Deconstruction, "ONE HOT MINUTE" by Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ Dave Navarro, "HELP WANTED" by Eric Avery, "TRUST NO ONE" by Dave, and on and on, SHIT! I forgot NIN's off-shoots! Oh just look 'em, up, NOT HARD to find!)...they still stand tall! 20+ YEARS LATER in a lot of cases! JANE'S is not my 2nd favorite band for just too many reasons to list. NIN is not my 3rd fav. band for well, same deal! Yeah, MANY! And they DOMINATE! Queen, Jane's & NIN...all three live up to ALL OF EXCEPTIONS! Out of few, they are MANY! Out of one, HUNDREDS! Let them rock you! Search now. LIVE FREE OR FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

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