Friday, October 26, 2007

FEMA: Y'all still SUCK!

Oh gee, well well fucking well! FEMA sure did get off their lilly white asses to go scrambling to the aid of "rich" (ok, what's left of the middle class) white folks out in San Diego fires huh?
What a stark contrasts from two years ago huh?! Is it just me??? *SNIFF SNIFF* Yeah I smell shit too!
No, BUZZER, wrong try again ya fucking assholes. Ain't a damn thing changed.
So you mean to tell me if a blizzard hit Detroit (assuming that's possible with the way global warming is OFF THE DAMN CHARTS!) then y'all would come to the aid of *AHEM* poor black folks there, right?! CRACKER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also odd how FEMA was damn sure ready and off to actions here in FloorREEduh for the 4 hurricanes of 2004 (again, thanks global warming!) as well as Wilma in 2005. I'm sure the fact that "President" BU$Hitler's prickboy brother Jebthro being our governor has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT NOW DID IT? Why not just have FEMA come out and say "Oh but fuck Louisiana cuz they have a goddamn DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR and fuck New Orleans cuz they have a goddamn DEMOCRATIC MAYOR...and ya notice he's urm, you know, BLACK!" At least THEN for ONCE the assholes would be HONEST!
So, on behalf of all who died and were left for dead on the Gulf Coast from Katrina, I have this to say to you FEMA (and all brances of WE THE PEOPLE'S government ruined by republitards) and that is quite simply:
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not in a loving way either!

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