Saturday, October 13, 2007

U.S. Colonel: Blackwater “Actually Drew Their Weapons On U.S. Soldiers.”

WHAT IN THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, it's 100% official, BLACKWATER, the 21th Century Brown-shirts of the BU$Hitler Crime Family, IS PUBLIC ENEMY #1 TO ANYTHING EVEN RESEMBLING DEMOCRACY AND THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya know, I'd like to post about FUN shit like how it was the first time I heard Howard Stern talking with George Carlin, or what Jim Ward or Steph said that made me bust a gut, or whatever, BUT JESUS ON A DILDO-SEATED-POGO-STICK! THIS IS BEYOND FUCKED UP TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF FUCKTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those soldiers should have fucking gone gorilla-dick on those Blackwater Nazis when they turned their backs and made them resemble goddamn Swiss Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When else in the history of this country have you heard of anything like this?! Never, you say? Me either!
I know I sound like a broken record (yes, I'm old enough to know what a damn 12" is!) but seriously, even if you hate guns, have at least a handgun, a long rifle and at least a semi-auto machine gun type deal (plus as many other survival supplies as you can garner) locked up where you can get to it with quick access, cuz this shit I can GUARANTEE YOU IS GOING TO BE COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU BEFORE JANUARY 20, 2009. IF somehow that doesn't happen, it'll be nothing short of astounding.

U.S. Colonel: Blackwater “Actually Drew Their Weapons On U.S. Soldiers.”

Newsweek’s Oct. 15, 2007 issue:

The colonel was furious. “Can you believe it? They actually drew their weapons on U.S. soldiers.” He was describing a 2006 car accident, in which an SUV full of Blackwater operatives had crashed into a U.S. Army Humvee on a street in Baghdad’s Green Zone. The colonel, who was involved in a follow-up investigation and spoke on the condition he not be named, said the Blackwater guards disarmed the U.S. Army soldiers and made them lie on the ground at gunpoint until they could disentangle the SUV. His account was confirmed by the head of another private security company. Asked to address this and other allegations in this story, Blackwater spokesperson Anne Tyrrell said, “This type of gossip has led to many soap operas in the press.” Read more…

As if being trapped in the middle of a bloody civil war by their civilian leadership hasn’t been humiliating enough for our troops, we find out they also have to protect themselves from high-paid thugs from Blackwater — in the Green Zone, no less. I wonder if Crayzie Shayzie will still hold the same unbridled passion for these guys after learning of this hackery? Oh, and Mr. Romney you STILL have Blackwater’s Vice Chairman on your campaign payroll — how’s that working out for you?

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