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From yesterday:

Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize! Al and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will share the honor.
Will Al run for president after winning the Nobel Prize?
A British judge was asked if "An Inconvenient Truth" could be shown in schools. The judge ruled it could, but cited 9 inaccuracies in the film.
HERE IS THE DEBUNK from New Scientist Magazine.
FOX News is already taking shots at Gore's Nobel Prize.
Gore’s win goes beyond politics…it hit BOOKIES!
Here is an Al Gore Timeline of his life and accomplishments.
Take a look back at an interesting decade for Gore.
Melissa Etheridge's lyrics have inspired, "Dear Al Gore, If Not Now, When"?
Our good friend Brent Budowsky wrote: Al Gore For President!

THE “MANN” SPEAKS:Ann Coulter, being interviewed by Donny Deutsch, said that a Christian America would be ideal and added that “Jews need to be perfected.”Mann Coulter talked about Henry Waxman’s rumored investigation into talk radio.

HARDBALLING:Chris Matthews spills the beans on THE WHITE HOUSE KILLING STORIES.IT’S TORTURE!The Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of a man mistaken for a terrorist suspect while on vacation and then tortured!
Supreme Disgrace – What if you were picked up by a private army or tortured by contractors?Author Naomi Klein, who wrote The Shock Doctrine, joined the show this week. Check out a short film on “The Shock Doctrine”.
Naomi Klein also sat down with actor John Cusak to talk about the book.
The Shock Doctrine is a condemnation of the late Milton Friedman’s theories.
CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden has launched an investigation into the agency’s Inspector General over the C.I.A.’s aggressive detention and interrogation programs.
Flashback: From December of 2005, The Nation wrote about The Torture Administration.

British PM Brown says he will cuts his troop level in Iraq from about 5000 to 2500 by spring of 2008.Iraqis are saying that Basra is much quieter after the British troop pullout.
John Bruhns, an Iraq war vet wrote: Why I Fight, And Why We All Must.
Fear Mongering? As debate begins over wiretapping, a new WH Report says that al-Qaeda remains a serious threat and continues to pursue weapons of mass destruction.Gen. Casey says that it will take about 3 or 4 years to put the military back in balance.
Retired Gen. John Batiste is bashing Bush saying his failed strategy is breaking our military.The Marines want out: The Marines want to move their forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, which could help both the Army and Marines sustain forces for 2 wars.
The Army is offering big cash bonuses. Key officers can get up to $35,000 to stay.The Marines are now going to examine an incident in which Afghan civilians were killed by a Special Operations platoon back in March.
Lynn Cheney was on with Jon Stewart saying that we have not been attacked since 9/11. She said that worldwide terrorist attacks don’t affect American interests.

Conservative bloggers are attacking a 12-year-old child the Democrats used to speak about the SCHIP program that Bush vetoed.
Rush Limbaugh attacked and smeared a 12-year-old recipient of SCHIP.
Reports are saying that a staffer of Sen. Minority leader Mitch McConnell might have been behind the smear campaign against the 12-year-old S-CHIP recipient.
If you're interested in bloggers who trash the Frost family, Look HERE. Warning: some of what you see may not be fit for small children.
Hillary talks about Graeme Frost and his family benefiting from the S-CHIP program. Hillary says leave the kid alone.

LIMBAUGH:Rush listeners are flooding with hate mail. Brandon Friedman from VoteVets was on with Olbermann, reading some of the letters. Here is a sampling of the hate mail.

BLACKWATER:Iraq is demanding that Blackwater pay $136 million for the 17 civilians who were killed last month. Iraq also wants the US to sever all contracts with Blackwater in Iraq within 6 months.
Blackwater’s troubles could mean troubles for the other private security companies in Iraq.An Australian-run private security firm gunned down 2 Iraqi women this past week.
Private security contractors: Striking fear in Baghdad.The arrogance of Blackwater: In 2006, a Blackwater SUV crashed into an army Humvee. The report says that the Blackwater guards held the US soldiers at gunpoint until the cars could be disentangled.The Sept. 16th Blackwater killings are being called a “criminal” event. Yesterday in Washington an injured Iraqi man and the families of three Iraqi civilians who were killed filed a lawsuit against Blackwater in Federal court.

Conyers and Reyes introduced the RESTORE Act. (Responsible Surveillance That is Overseen, Reviewed and Effective)Judiciary and Intelligence committees approved a spy bill—one that does not shield phone companies from pending lawsuits. It will go to the full House next week.
The ACLU is urging Congress to require individual warrants for Americans.
Here is an ACLU Fact Sheet on the Police America Act.
From our good friend John Dean: “The So-Called Protect America Act: Why Its Sweeping Amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Pose Not Only a Civil Liberties Threat, But a Greater Danger As Well”.
WH DENIES DHS report timed to come out during FISA debate.

There are 700,000 FEWER homeowners today than when Bush took office.
The WH may veto a housing bill that would give affordable housing to low-income families. They can always live in the emergency room, right?
George Bush, friend of children, is pushing Congress to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind education law.
Turkey has recalled its ambassador to US due to anger at a vote in Congress labeling the mass killing of Armenians during WWI as genocide.
The opening of the US embassy in Iraq is not only going to be delayed by poor planning, shoddy workmanship, internal disputes and last-minute changes, but it also going to cost about $144 million more than expected.
You could actually lose your Internet access from AT&T or Verizon if you have too much to say about them or their business partners.
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