Monday, July 20, 2009

Gotta Laff REMINDER!

My very good fiend Gotta Laff shall be on Frangela's highly listened-to radio show on Los Angeles, CA USA's 1150 AM KTLK 2 - 4 PM PT / 5 - 7 PM ET.
AND for the rest of us here on the "internets" you can easily listen online! (Oh and keep in mind timezones y'all!):

For more on the awesome Frangela: &
PLEASE add Gotta Laff & Frangela!) for more info: (Or if you're already got the Twat @GottaLaff AND @Frangela1 THAT IS MY LINE--"GOT THE TWAT"--SO DON'T STEAL UNLESS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT!)
PLUS: and

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