Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh this is some RICH wingtard shit!

Wow! I wish I'd written this! And these same Xian Taliban turds are probably still crying like the COWARDS that they are over the DHS report that it's THEM that are quite the huge TERRORIST THREAT. Ya know, fucking BU$Hitler let these scum run amok for his 8 year reign of TERROR, along with the wingtard ballsack-sucker media swine (Fux Nukes, oxyRU$Hitler, etc.) so now all these shitheads are all pissed off and fired up cuz *GASP* we have a "black" (he's half white, for the record!) president (who was ACTUALLY ELECTED!) and now we're wreaping what they sowed. Not only should the people who commit the "hate crimes" (we MUST come up with a new and more approriate term, I know, TERRORISM!), but the motherfuckers who whip their audiences up into a frenzy, they should face the same legal action. I'm all for free speech, but the shit that assholes like Blimpo Limpnoodle, O'LIEly, Savage Wiener, Glenn BreKKK, et al do, that's the classic example of "yelling fire in the movie theatre when there's no fire"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 10:13 PM, wrote:
I'm more afraid of the christian right than I am of any foreign enemy. (Here is a Christian blog entry).
Jan 25, 2009
rollin wrote:

You know what I find funny. If every lie the republicans claim about Obama were true, that would mean that the republican candidate couldn't beat a Muslim, non American, baby killing, drug dealer. How pathetic does that make the republicans?
not funny!
become educated:
Of course it is all part of Obama’s plan to replace our Christian government with an atheist, communist Islamic state! He will lead us to the End of Days. It is written and it shall pass. If the liberals do not repent they shall taste the fear that only God’s own fire can bring. They will burn as the smell of Hell’s own sulfur pits chokes their last breaths. Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist and Democrat – you will all be judged and found lacking. You must RISE up against this so-called president. It is your only hope. I say “so-called” because, Barack Obama is NOT the president. I repeat Barack Obama is NOT the president. He did not recite the oath of office correctly, then he did not use a bible – probably had a Koran in his jacket pocket close to his heart. NO FILM of his second oath either. WHO KNOWS what he really swore to do. HE MIGHT have sworn allegiance to LENIN, SATAN, ALLAH or the NAACP

Quick, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh GET ON THIS STORY IMMEDIATELY.

It is obviously a conspiracy to subvert the American way of life and the will of Jesus.
He cannot prove that he is an American citizen by birth.
He is secretly a Muslim and took the oath today with his hand on the Koran.
The oath was not properly administered - HE WAS NOT SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT!!!!
Without the oath properly administered this is an unconstitutional cabal controlling our government.

And the Birth Certificate scandal IS real. It is all part of the same Ultra-liberal constitutional coup. Obama was not eligible to become president and he was not administered the proper oath. So, THERE IS NO PRESIDENT. There is a shadowy behind the scenes ultra-liberal paramilitary group of gays and abortionists who have taken control of the nuclear codes. They will not rest until the American way of life as shown on Leave it to Beaver has been destroyed and only viewed fondly as decades old fiction.
This IS happening and it IS foretold in the Book of Revelation (only if you know the secret codes and meanings) BUT IT IS REAL.

Uh-huh... of course it's real. Now... PLEASE take your meds and STFU.

What I don't get are these 2 things:

If Jesus came down to die for our sins so that we could be saved, then why don't the Christians thank the Jews for what they supposedly did? Why do they call Jews, "Christ killer!"?

Isn't the End of Days a good thing for born-agains? They get raptured up to heaven, whilst we get stuck with hell on earth?
If that's what Obama is shooting for - then, what's the downside, for Christians, in that? Sooner or later, they figure it's got to happen. Are they mad because they might get raptured before they can torture more people or buy that nice car they've had their eye on, or (more likely) get their hands on that little boy down the street?

I just don't understand why they get so worked up and angry about what they view as "God's plan" coming to fruition.

Perhaps their meds need adjusting, or that eletroshock they've been putting off will do the trick.

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