Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random shit

The GOPukes would be LONG gone if it wasn't for them having control of the media. Despite how much money they have, their manipulation of the American people since Raygoon has been nothing short of brainwashing horsefuckingshit propaganda LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet every day that passes is another day they are closer to going the way of the Whigs! Democrats: y'all too, for it you keep sucking corporate (and religious & other groups of TYRANNY) ass, your fate is the same.

My very good and fellow LWR fiend will be on
Frangela's show ( @Frangela1 & I believe weekend of Aug. 1st! Add her for more info: (Or if you already got the Twat @GottaLaff AND THAT IS MY LINE "GOT THE TWAT" SO DON'T STEAL UNLESS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT!)
I'll also keep me groups & shit posted when the deal is sealed and I got an exact date! What a concept heh?
OH! Almost forgot! For y'all in LA, Frangela are on SATURDAYS on 1150 AM KTLK 2 to 4 PM PT / 5 to 7 PM ET, AND for the rest of us here on the internets, listen online (keep in mind timezones y'all!):
Well goldang! I didn't know Johnny Wendell was still w/ K Talk! Awwwright! K Talk ain't got a half bad line up, in addition to Johnny & Frangela there's Stephanie Miller (duh, she fucking NUKES anyone else in LA!), Randi, Hartmann, Malloy, etc., AND THEY HAVE PHIL HENDRIE!?!?!?! Eh, there's always gotta be ONE rotten apple huh?!?!?

And check this out: Wiki has been reading my mind, cuz that's their main story! Just got done reading "THOMAS PAINE & THE PROMISE OF AMERICA" by Harvey J. Kaye. READ THIS BOOK GODDAMNIT!!!!! At the very least check out Wiki's entry on what *I* call THE founding document of America by Paine, "Age Of Reason"! The internet is TODAY's pampletering, KEEP USING IT!!!

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