Monday, July 20, 2009

Just for the record

I am not forcing anyone to hail anybody/anything! GOT IT?!

(Ok, except Queen, Jane's Addiction & Nine Inch Nails! :P )

Go surf my old site LU13.TK under the RETARDS sections and I HOPE I saved it, it was classic, some asshole going off saying *I* was fucking forcing Satanism on him! is nothing more than MY personal fucking website, jackass, and no one forced you to view it, AND, YOU were the dumb dildo fucking who sent me an email FIRST! Huh?! Got nothing better to do huh?!

UNlike the RetardliKKKlans, I MILITANTLY GET the SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE deal. It's fairly fucking straight-forward!

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, when you come down to it, HAS THEIR OWN BELIEFS (or lack their of, don't worry Atheists, I ain't forgot y'all!) therefore, especially when it comes down to MAINSTREAM RELIGIONS, it's an UNWORKABLE SITUATION.
I thought Jesus said something like "you should only pray to me by yourself" and "the temples are the dens of thieves"?
I could go on and on and quote the greatest analysis of this, George Carlin, but we all know his take on it, right?! Same goes with Bill Hicks to right y'all?!
Anyways, believe it or not, I got quite a few Christian friends...but they're SANE, meaning they GET the DIFFERENCE (plus they're all LIBERALS...YES CONS, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Morons.) between FAITH and FACT. That's clearly NOT the type of Christianity I wish would be immediately sucked back to the shit-pit it came were puked forth from. The CONSERVATIVE ASSHOLE SCUMBAG HYPOCRITICAL RIP OFF ARTISTS, THEY are the ones! They are cut from the very same cloth as the TALIBAN! They are really what THEIR concept of "Satan" is: PURE STUPIDITY, TRULY REPREHENSIBLE BEHAVIOR, AND PSYCHIC VAMPIRES, AND THEY HAVE SUCKED SO MUCH BLOOD OUT OF THIS COUNTRY, IT'S ALL BUT ON LIFE SUPPORT! Without a doubt, they MUST fucking GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conservative Democrats too! THIS NATION IS LEFT WING! GET READY TO DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many of these uber-Con Xians have had the balls to pick up a copy of "THE SATANIC BIBLE" by Anton LaVey and actually READ IT. They must think "the devil" will "possess" them or some ridiculous bullshit.
Well, doesn't that just show how cowardly they are?! (Not to mention they don't have the spine to check out and and DARE to think for themselves!!!!!!!!) IF YOUR FAITH IN YOUR RELIGION IS SO SOLID, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?! "GOD" IS SUPPOSED TO BE STRONGER THAN "SATAN" (the perverse xian concept, that is) RIGHT? SO WHATCHA AFRAID OF?! Pull the pin, set that grenade off!

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