Friday, August 31, 2007

Bruna eulogy

I just did write and post this to the myspace profile of my deadly departed friend Bruna who died on July 25th. I share this with you all as a reminder to hulk it up, don't be afraid of life and get out there and LIVE! Well, when you're done reading this, that is!

I've thought very long and hard about what to write here, and without further ado, first and foremost it is beyond depressing and casts a bleak shadow that the last time I talked to you was Sept. 6, 2004, at CBGB's. Add to that, the extraordinary tragic, and almost postshadowing if you will, passing of Hilly Cristal yesterday only makes me wonder more. For it is glaringly evident that we all shall miss you, I would be remiss and flat out wrong for not saying so. Though I am not one scared of death, it is any untimely and unwarranted one is one that leaves those survivors with a scar that never truly seems to heal. It is only in times like this, these horridly empty moments of frighteningly barren, chilling stark, harshly cruel and seemingly hopeless reminders of our own eventual mortality here in this brutal airid landscape of steel and stone, that I am drive to rise up even HARDER to continue on with life, for that is the inescapable logical choice, and I know that is what you would want us to do. I hope that those who knew you can take the same inspiration you gave anyone who knew you, the courage to ride the whirlwinds of life where ever it may take us and show no fear as you did, for that spirit of life is what TRULY makes one immortal, and Bruna, you ARE! We will NEVER EVER EVER forget you and how you were one of the few people, in this world so full of shit, that actually DID make a monumental difference and made life on this third rock from the sun a BETTER place, and that is someone which is infinitely priceless! HAIL BRUNA!

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