Friday, August 31, 2007

Dan The Terrorist
Feel free to drop this dumbass a line!
This clod is a poster in this psycho group that I joined, and you should too
So this little snot-nosed booger eater dildo is convinced I am another poster, John, and is convinced anyone else, even conservative asswipes who agree with him, ARE ALSO JOHN! Like John has all this fucking FREE TIME to post with a few dozen fake IDs!? Ok then!
So I think finally this buttmuncher has figured out that I am not John! Well gee moron, I only told you 493 times! So in addition to this jagoff making DEATH THREATS to John, and saying since JANUARY that he is going to sue anyone who DARES to DISAGREE with him or that says "fuck" or "shit" or any "BAD WORDS" cuz this is some dumb xian KKKons group (OH LMGDAO! Don't bust me up with your fake threats homeboy!) now this clod posted my picture, which you can see at the bottom. And?! Like this is supposed to INTIMIDATE ME?! HAHAHA! Eat shit Dan! Oh and it's also laughable how Dan The Death Threat Maker posts as "Steve Smith", and uses the SAME FONT and SAME SENTENCE PHRASING which is at best that of a mongoloid strung out on meth laced with PCP! Best of all, "Steve" posts with the rediculous handle really, that IS the handle! You can't make this shit up people! CA TROLL SLAYER! OOOOH! Watch out now...NOT! Cracker please! So feel free to send some "love" to this sorry dillhole. And please, by all means, join the group and make use of your 1st Amendment right to FREE SPEECH!

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