Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something for you cons to chew on!

Not only are there a lot of women bloggers, most of them (male or female) listed here, have more readers than Fox Nazi "News" have viewers! Kleenex, anyone? Yet their dickhead air-"talent" (don't make me laugh!) especially Sexual-harasser Bill O'LIEly drone on and on and on about how they are the shit and they are the most watched...meanwhile Keith Olbermann clowns out Mr. Luffo-sponger 2 to 1!
So thanks to Bluedaze for pointing this out, and again, not to take away from how women bloggers get no respect (gee guys, what's wrong? got vagina envy?!) but this also shows how the rightwing media are LYIN' COCKSUCKERS!!!!!!! WE are the fuckin' majority, DEAL WITH IT!


1. Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post. 70 million page views per month (reported). Nobody has the influence and reach she has on a day to day basis.

2. Daily Kos. 5 million impressions per week. Front pagers McJoan, BarbinMD, MissLaura and SusanG I would estimate get at least 50% of the front page real estate over there.

3. Crooks and Liars. 1.8 million impressions per week. While John Amato spends his days watching cable news and making video clips, Nicole Belle alone is responsible for a majority of the front page writing.

4. Eschaton (aka Atrios). 658,000 impressions per week. Duncan Black is pretty much a one man band, but when he’s on vacation two of his four regular guest posters are women, Avedon and Echidne (though lord knows, Thers is trying).

5. Americablog. 563,000 impressions per week. Front pager Pam Spaulding.

6. Firedoglake. 500,000 impressions per week. Myself, Christy Hardin-Smith, Siun, emptywheel, watertiger, Tula, Phoenix Woman and looseheadprop.

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